Whitney and Noel

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How We Met

It all started 7 years ago when I was a new graduate of high school working at Claire’s in the sawgrass mall. Noel was working as the “FedEx delivery guy” and we would often see each other. One day a co-worker of mine told me noel that I was pretty, and the good next day I saw him in the food court and approached him… Noel’s version- “she came up to me while I was standing in line at Popeyes and she couldn’t afford a refill so I had to loan her 25 cents… and she touched my butt” OBVIOUSLY NOT HOW IT HAPPENED lol. Fast forward I am currently finishing my second year of Law School and we are newly engaged!!

how they asked

January 5, 2018… this day is a very important day because not only is it the day he proposed but it is also my nephews birthday! How it happened… a few days before my sister called me and told me she had a Groupon to the fire and ice bar in south beach and that I had to go with them because I never do anything since I’ve been in law school. Anyway, the plan was that we would go to lunch for my nephew’s bday.. then go to Chuckee-cheese and then go out at night. After being with screaming kids at Chuckee cheese all day I was completely done with the day!

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However, I did kind of think maybe he’s was going to propose that night. After we got ready my mom called my sister and told her she had just seen a dog get hit by a car and that we had to come help her! At this moment I was thinking it was a sign from God not to marry noel because I thought he was going to propose at the fire and ice bar… when we met my mom in the neighborhood Noel was actually waiting in one of the gazebos on the lake!

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He “hit the light” and the gazebo was filled with rose petals, pictures of us, and had over 200 roses which spelled out “will you marry me” – note the Y fell over during the test run lol.

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