Whitney and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met in the car-rider line in seventh grade on my first day at a new school. He walked right up to me and asked for my number…and I told him no. As he’d say, the joke was on me—but I’d say that persistence is key. It wasn’t until our senior year of high school that Nick and I started to date, but we both planned on going to separate colleges and actually thought we would break up after prom, before graduation.

Needless to say, our planned breakup didn’t quite happen and we went to our separate colleges with the idea that we could have separate lives and share them with each other long distance. We decided to try to visit each other whenever possible and over the years, attended numerous different events at each other’s schools. Toward the end of college, I decided to pursue my passion for children with disabilities by going to graduate school, while Nick took a job working in finance in New York. With Nick in NYC and me in Mississippi, our long distance got substantially further. After several trips up to the city and several trips down to Mississippi for Nick, we eventually got engaged in NYC. Thankfully, our long distance is coming to an end this May and we can’t wait!

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Nick had been living in NYC for work for about a year and a half, so going up to visit him was nothing out of the ordinary. We had some serious talks about getting engaged and married, and since we’re both pretty Type A, we had a good idea of a timeline for planning a wedding and getting married. I’m in graduate school and was approaching my third (and final) year in my program, so I knew an engagement was coming soon! But Nick told me several times he wouldn’t ask me during the summer because my summer school schedule was crazy. So I was completely shocked when it happened on Fourth of July break.

The day started off like any other in the city: We had coffee and walked around. The first big clue was that Nick made me an appointment at Drybar (which I absolutely love and treat myself to when I visit him in the city). When I questioned him about this, Nick assured me it was just because he wanted time to work out that day and figured that would be perfect (and who argues when your BF is paying for your blowout?). After my wonderful time at Drybar, we walked to my favorite Mexican restaurant in the city, but I wasn’t thinking twice about it. After enjoying lunch, we casually walked back to his apartment. It was there that he gave me a note. The note told me how much he loved me and that the day was just getting started. On the back, I was given three rules: Rule one was to change into a black dress that was hanging on the door. Rule two was to not ask any questions (this was the hardest rule to follow). And rule three was to enjoy every minute.

I almost didn’t comprehend what was happening at first, but I followed rule two and we quickly left to catch a boat down the East River. We rode the boat to our stop in Dumbo, Brooklyn, got off and began walking to what I knew then was about to be IT (I was freaking out!). We then walked up to the most gorgeous view of the city with red rose petals spread everywhere. Nick began to tell me how much I mean to him and how he remembers what I was wearing the day he saw me in seventh grade. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I, of course, said YES! Afterwards, his wonderful roommates—who had been holding down that spot by the water for us—hopped out of the bushes to help celebrate. Nick then whisked me away for a sunset helicopter ride over the city. It was absolutely breathtaking. After, we grabbed our second favorite meal for a little taste of home: Chick-fil-A. Finally, we headed back to his apartment, where Nick’s roommates had a small get-together planned with friends. We popped champagne and celebrated all night!

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