Whitney and Michael


How We Met

How we met from mutual friends.. After a while I had the nerve that one day I finally sent her a message after I saw one of her pictures on social media that said “one day I am going to make a good wifey” ..   So I asked her out.

Her response to me….”I would rather eat glass than go on any dates right now”.  For me,  I thought, well,  ok,  we have a winner right here! So we kept talking, a lot. After each of us learning that we both have many kids, she has 4  and I have 5,  we were both on the same page as family and who comes first.


Before we even met I fell in love with her and she did the same. I took her to a beautiful restaurant in New Smyrna Beach FL and the rest was history.  Now we have a blended family consisting of 9 kids total.  We have had both multiple life changes in our past,  I lost all 3 of my siblings 2 sisters and 1 brother and she is a cancer survivor.  We are both blessed to even be alive.  I have attached our family pic here (above) and one from our first date (below).


how they asked

So,  a couple months ago I started planning to ask her on 11/11/16 at 11:11 am.  I knew she wouldn’t have a clue yet it was so hard to keep quiet.  I brought her to the restaurant we had our first date.  Before this I HAD to make sure she felt good about herself and wanted to pamper her a little.  She told me a while back that the day I ask her she better have good looking nails.

So I made sure,  I surprised her and got  her hair done and nails complete all in the same salon she uses.  On the day of 11/11  I told her we were meeting my Mom for lunch.  On the way there (which is an hour drive) we talked the entire way.

Talking that it was 11/11 and she had to screen shot her phone at precisely 11:11.  That time is special to many people and we always text each other when we see the time and say “make a wish” …   I finally pulled up into the parking lot,  I had one of my childhood friends Pat hiding somewhere where he could get the best shots,  and he did,  he was perched on the second floor in a lounge chair waiting for the clock to strike.

As we walked towards the river Whitney holding her phone tightly waiting for the time.  I said trust me we wont miss it and gave me a reason to hold my phone as well.  at 11;10 she wanted to take a selfie.  At this point I was about to say hold on..  I didn’t and we got a great picture.

FINALLY 11;11 goes off,  I knew because I had set me alarm to go off with the song “Marry Me” by Train.  I immediately told her to close her eyes and make a wish.


I knelt and said, Close your eyes and make a wish and proceeded on with the words .. I was shaking like a leaf and she looked to be fainting and then the tears came.



At that point in time she whispered yes and I stood up.  We hugged and kissed and the ring went on.


My long time friend (and photographer) at the time stood up and said “Yeah”  we posed for a quick picture and he came down to join us.  I introduced Whitney to Pat and he stared to tear up.


He has been through all the hardships with me and he knew all my sisters and brothers.  We were all very close.


After he took us to a beautiful spot in which we took more pictures.  What a relief it was to get that all out there and what a beautiful wish and our dreams came true.


Special Thanks

Patrick Eichsteadt |