Whitney and Logan

Whitney and Logan's Engagement in On the bridge at the biology pond at MSSU

How We Met

We met in August of 2014 during our first year at MSSU through a mutual friend. We didn’t speak for a year after our initial meeting, shortly after a conversation on Facebook, Logan asked me on a date. We had our first date a week after reconnecting at Qdoba. Our date went so well, we had a second date the next morning! Our relationship started out fast but it was so easy to fall for each other. So easy that two and a half years has flown by! We support each other’s ambitions and cheer each other on. We are each other’s #1 fan! We have been so blessed to have crossed paths during just the right time!

how they asked

I had scheduled my senior pictures with a close friend of mine on a Saturday. Little did I know, Logan secretly got ahold of my friend and let her in on the surprise. On the day of the photo shoot, my friend took me to take pictures at the biology pond on the bridge. At first she told me to wait on one side of the bridge until she checked out the “scenery” on the other side. Once she called me over, he was there on the other side waiting for me. He took me by the hand and got down on one knee and popped the question! And of course I said yes!!

Proposal Ideas On the bridge at the biology pond at MSSU

Special Thanks

Cassady Pearce