Whitney and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I found each other online, on that wonderful cool app (at the time) Plenty of Fish. I was the one that messaged Kyle first. He was totally my type: dark hair, dark eyes, facial hair and a killer smile. I didn’t think anything of it, when he soon messaged me back. I messaged Kyle and I told him I wanted to meet up over the weekend. We exchanged numbers and planned a dinner at the Cheesecake Factory near me. He lived about 45 minutes away from me. I am one to never be punctual, which he soon found out about! I get to the Cheesecake Factory (late) and he is sitting there on a bench. He blurts out that he drove 3 highways to see me and can’t believe I was late (Oh boy! He was just kidding thank goodness). We had a great date and found out that we both went to Florida State University and had many friends in common. It seems like we never met because I was Greek and he wanted nothing to do with it. I loved his sense of humor in everything. We pretty much closed down the Cheesecake Factory that Sunday night and then we just became inseparable. Like I said he was living about 45 minutes away from me. I was working full time, going to law school, studying like crazy, dealing with my family’s health issues, and he still wanted to be with me in the small amount of time I had free.

When I knew he was the one: Like I said I was working 40+ hours a week at my job, going to school 4 nights week for 3+ hours every night, getting home at 10pm, studying until my eyes shut and waking up and doing it all over again for 3 ½ years and it finally caught up to me. I was sick as a dog. I came home from class (at this point he had a key to my apartment), drew up a hot bath for me. I he took my dog out on a walk while I relaxed, I fell asleep in the tub actually ha. He made me dinner and tucked me into bed. No one has ever really cared for me like that. I was constantly the mother hen to my sisters and my friends taking care of everyone else but myself. But that night, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

how they asked

Living in Florida has its perks! Other than the beautiful weather, we have Disney World! I grew up going to Disney, as well as Kyle. My 3 best friends & sorority sisters (and soon to be bridesmaids) are Disney fanatics as well. So when they found out the boy I was dating was in love with Disney (probably more than me) they were jumping for Mickey joy! We decided to get annual passes in July 2015 to celebrate our Dating Anniversary. It was perfect and we definitely used those passes! We saw people get engaged at the Magic Kingdom and I told him in a joking manner that I would want to get engaged in front of the castle too. In the beginning of 2016 we wanted to make a vacation out of our passes and decided to do a long weekend to visit all four parks.

Without me knowing at all during this time, Kyle had picked out the perfect ring for me (without my help), asked my parents for permission (which is an event in itself with my father) and was planning to propose on this trip. I had a hunch that I was going to get engaged this year I just didn’t know when it would be. Our vacation was going to be Sunday to Tuesday. But Kyle thought it would be a good idea to go to a park a day, so we booked a room for Saturday. He had also been dropping weeks before we left that we needed to take pictures when we were at the parks since we didn’t have any pictures of us.

Sunday was our Magic Kingdom day. It was a beautiful day and not a cloud in the sky. We got to watch the show before the park opened (which I had never seen before) and then they let us go in. I was geared on finding a photographer so we could get this stupid photograph done while I looked semi decent before we got on all the rides. I see the a Photographer and I’m ready to do this picture. MEANWHILE, Kyle has already found a Photographer and told him that he was going to propose. So I hiked back up Main St. because after Kyle called my name (I was not happy).

We started taking the pictures and the Photographer says, “Do something funny.” I look at Kyle and say, “What the heck is something funny?” and Kyle says, “I have an idea” and GETS ON ONE KNEE!! I begin screaming and possibly slipping out some obscenities. I don’t really remember what he said other than I love you and I said, “Of course!” He got up from one knee, and asked if I even said “Yes”. HA! Poor man didn’t know which finger to put the ring on! He also pulled out of his pocket, “Just Engaged” pins that my 3 best friends had mailed to him because he had found out they discontinued them. There were so many people around who thought it was a show and were clapping and congratulating us. It was PERFECT! We spent the morning going on all the rides, then went back to the hotel and hung out by the pool and ended the night with dinner.

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