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How We Met

Josh and I have known each other for almost ten years now – we grew up in our church’s youth group together. We were best friends all throughout high school, because I lived two blocks down from him! We did lots of bike riding, playground swinging, and star-gazing through the years, and he was always my go-to for rides everywhere before I had my license!

It wasn’t until the spring of my senior year of college that we reconnected though, at which point I simply asked him, “What if we dated?” To which he grinned and responded, “Okay!”

how they asked

We are both cinematographers, and we were filming The School of Styling’s workshop in Nashville. This was already the best week – we were getting to do what we loved, spend time with our most treasured friends in the industry, and were constantly surrounded by beautiful things. Josh’s birthday landed on the second day of the workshop, and I was so excited to surprise him with Star Wars-themed macarons!! I thought I had gotten him so good. We left The Cordelle (where the workshop was taking place) that day around five to change for his birthday dinner that night. As we were leaving the Airbnb, he mentioned he’d left his backpack at the venue, and asked if I wouldn’t mind stopping by before dinner to grab it from the girls, who were still cleaning up there. We pulled up, and both got out and headed toward the side patio. There were bistro lights strung up, and flowers and candles EVERYWHERE, but I was so clueless, I thought the ladies were doing some weird sunset photoshoot. It wasn’t until Josh pulled me in that I realized what was happening! And then it was just all squeals and tears of joy! ESPECIALLY when I realized that Shay and Ally where photographing and recording the whole thing!

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We celebrated with champagne under the twinkle lights, and swayed to Ella Fitzgerald playing in the background. And to have such beloved friends there at such an incredible moment? It was a more perfect proposal than I ever could have imagined!

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