Whitney and Jordan

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How We Met

We met originally in high school before I shipped out for basic. What started as chatting off and on for about a year and I took leave to come to see her. We spent almost two weeks inseparable and that changed our entire summer.

how they asked

So this is from the Grooms point of view, but I had waited all day for the perfect spot to come along. I had talked to our Photographer ahead of time so she had an idea what was going on and assisted greatly. We woke up late to take pictures and the first thing I did was grab the ring. I checked my pocket every 5 minutes to make sure I had it. We had taken photos at spots all over Branson that day and once we got to this one I knew it was the perfect spot. The wind was blowing, the area was quiet and there was something peaceful about her while we were standing up there. I gave the signal and got down on one knee and honestly, I couldn’t remember immediately what happened.

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I remember saying words and picking her up but I don’t remember what I heard. After I put her down I had to ask again to be sure I heard her right and she obliged to say yes again.

Special Thanks

Larissa Shull
 | Photographer