Whitney and John's Proposal at the Top of Mount Tam

IMG_5239How We Met: John and I met through our good friend Nick who was actually apart of our proposal!

I was roommates with Nick’s ex and Nick and John were roommates.

Our first few months together was full of spontaneous adventures. Hikes through the redwoods, trips to palm springs, travels to Europe. It has been an amazing journey.

how they asked: John and one of our best friends who happens to be an amazing photographer put a plan together. Our friend Nick asks me if I can help him with a “shoot” and offers me $500 to do it, of course I say yes!

Nick picks me up and we head across the bridge to Marin so he can photograph me in “boots” that I think are for a company. We make a few stops and he actually photographs me.

We stop at our last location at Mt. Tam and walk over a little hill and standing across the way is John. It seemed like the longest walk of my life to get to him! He got down on one knee and of course I said yes.

Proposal at the Top of Mount TamProposal at the Top of Mount TamProposal at the Top of Mount TamProposal at the Top of Mount Tam

It was so special because even after 5 years he can still surprise me and believe me that was the best surprise of my life!


Photos by Nick Kova Photography