Whitney and Johnny

Whitney's Proposal in Portland Airport

How We Met

Seven years ago, boy meets girl on the dance floor at a local bar. Classic love story.

How They Asked

I was planning on flying to Portland to celebrate my nephews first birthday. Due to summertime ticket prices, Johnny was going to stay in California. Before I flew out, he texted that he wanted to see me before my plane took off, but he couldn’t get off work in time. So I flew up by myself and landed safely at Portland airport. While waiting at baggage claim, I felt a tap on my leg… I thought it was my nephew. I turned around and Johnny was down on one knee. He had flown up on the flight before mine and waited at the airport for me to land. He asked me to marry him and of course, I said yes. A kind couple next to us saw what was happening and the wife snuck some pictures of the whole thing. She let me know she had to take pictures even though her husband said she was being embarrassing. She sent me the pictures to forever remember that moment.

Where to Propose in Portland Airport