Whitney and Jerome


How We Met

Jerome and Whitney met at George Washington University. Whitney was working in the Registrar’s office and pursuing a secondary Paralegal Degree. Jerome was working in the IT Department as the Senior Endpoint Support Analyst at the time. Before ever meeting Jerome, Whitney first met his mother. After meeting and talking with her at a University employee appreciation event and hearing her say, “I need to introduce you to my son!” the rest was history.

how they asked

I recently purchased my first home so why not throw a housewarming celebration! Well my friends and family planned this awesome beautiful housewarming for me. Some of my friends and family came all the way to Atlanta from places like Ohio, Michigan, DC, and further places in GA that are not close to Atlanta.



As I’m opening my gifts in the middle of the floor, I get to Jerome’s gift (I call him Boomp). It was in a large box and wrapped so pretty just like my other gifts, you know… crock pots, crystal ware, glasses, pots, etc. Well I opened it to find a whole lot of white foam peanuts for packing!

So I just think oh must be fragile like the rest. Well, the first card on the outside said To: Whitney, From: Jerome. I dug into a ton of foam peanuts to pull out another box, it was red.. my favorite color!

It had foam peanuts in it too! I dumped them out and there was another card. It said To: Whitney, From: Boomp. Finally I think I’m to the gift because what was inside the red box was wrapped in bubble wrap, I mean layered in bubble wrap.

There was another box! It had a card in it that read: To the MOST beautiful girl in the world, From: Who else. Then… yes, another box! Annoyed, but I kept going. This one was wrapped in tissue paper. It had a card in it that read: To the love of my life, From: Forever yours.

There was nothing in the box so I closed the card, looked up and my Boomp was down on one knee asking me to marry him!




I was speechless and crying but of course I said YES!!!!!!



Special Thanks

Jerome Temple