Whitney and Jean's Sailboat Proposal

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How we met: Jean and I are from a small town where everyone knows everyone. I would randomly run into Jean over the years, but we never were in the same place in life to be able to pursue a relationship. Years ago, I was a cocktail waitress at a local bar and according to him he approached me and gave me his number, but I never called. I don’t remember this part of our story at all, but according to him it happened. Another time we ran into each other at Fantasy Fest in Key West, Florida with a mutual group of friends. After waiting for the flash to charge on his disposable camera, we took a picture together and once again parted our separate ways.

At some point, the stars aligned once again and we found ourselves in the same place. Jean was out celebrating his new job, and I was out with some friends having a girls night at a local bar. That was the night that he finally decided he couldn’t let me go again. He positioned himself outside of the restrooms so he would conveniently bump into me on my way out. He pulled out all his best moves, and we ended up talking all night. It really was like that moment when everyone else in the room disappears and it seems like it’s just the two of you.

I tried to scare him off, since I wasn’t in the mood for a relationship, but he kept on coming. Jean was calling me everyday, being completely sweet and genuine with my two young sons, and since that day he has told every single day that I am the most beautiful girl in the world. We took the next three years to work on blending our family. In those three years he asked me to marry him every single day. He made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and he appreciated everything about me. We soon realized that we had something pretty special together, and we had an amazing and honest friendship. I knew I wanted to be his wife.

I have two boys, and Jean has one son. Our kids adored each other as well, and begged us to make them “brothers”. I loved his son like my own, and he loved mine as if they were his. We felt like a family by this point, but there was just one thing we had to do to make it official.

I’ve always lived by the words “Trust in God that you are exactly where you are meant to be”, and that is exactly what I did. Early on in our relationship. we decided to trust in God that he knows what he is doing. We were meant to be together at this moment in our lives. Things that we prayed for started to happen, and I appreciated that our paths finally crossed at just the right moment.

how they asked: Jean told me for a few days that we had to go meet a couple of work friends for dinner and drinks during the week. He was very specific on what he wanted me to wear. I had some suspicions, but I was just going to go with it. We dropped our kids off with my mom and drove to the restaurant. After waiting for about ten minutes, he tried to make me believe they weren’t coming and that we should just go for a walk to waste some time. We walked down a dock where there was a row of sailboats, and on one particular boat there was a gentleman standing there like he was waiting for someone. The man said, “Hello Jean, welcome aboard.” Jean reached out his hand and helped me board the boat where there was champagne waiting for us. At this point I knew for sure what was about to happen.

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Once we were out on the open ocean Jean walked me to the front of the boat. We stood facing the water with our backs to the boat then from behind me he whispered, “How much do you love me?” I answered my usual, “I love you more than you know.” Then he said “Will you marry me?”

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I think at this point I said “What?!”, then as I turned around he said, “Well what do you think they would say?” And then the tears began flowing and the shock was setting in.

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Our ENTIRE family had very quietly crawled out from under the boat and were sitting there waiting to hear my response. Both of our parents, our siblings, and our three boys were all there to support us. Of course my answer was “YES!”

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My amazing friend/photographer was “army crawling” to the bow of the boat to capture it all. This was truly one of the most memorable moments of my life. Jean put so much thought into it and made sure to include all the people who mean the most to us. He really knocked it out of the park!!

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Photos by Margeaux Boles Photography