Whitney and Jason

How We Met

I was a traveling nurse from Indiana that traveled to Oregon for a job for three months. I was quite lonely considering I knew no one but love to hike and adventure, and where else but the PNW?

Jason is an intensive care nurse like me and we met along the constant dinging of the EKG monitors. We had some laughs, had instant chemistry. We both weren’t in a place to pursue something so we were friends – the kind of friends that became inseparable fast. He asked to come on my adventure to Bend and I gladly accepted. Oh, how I did not know he would be the love of my life then.

But that trip to Bend changed everything for me, for him, for us. It was full of laughter and joy — and I knew instantly that I could adventure the rest of my life with this man, whether it be sitting and watching a movie or trekking through Peru (which we did in May).

How They Asked

Jason took me to the place it all started – Bend, Oregon.

The day started with a hot air balloon ride over Bend (something that’s been on my bucket list for a long time). It was a beautiful crisp morning, taking off from Smith Rock State Park. We then had plans to get some couple photos done that evening. I just wanted some moments to cherish. I’m a photographer and wanted some candid moments to save in our favorite place.

Though I booked the session, I had no idea what he had planned. We started off in a winter wonderland as it snowed earlier that week – by Sparks Lake. We got some good laughs in and took some precious photos. From there, we weren’t sure where to head next until Jason said, “Smith Rock, of course.”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Smith Rock State Park

You see, Smith Rock is more than just a beautiful place to him and I. It was our first of many adventures we would have had together this last year. It was our first hike together, our first trip together in January 2018 as just friends. It’s where it all began for us. Anyway, back to the story — we went to Smith Rock, adventuring in the place that started and changed the course of our lives. We laughed how we always ended up back here.

Proposal Ideas Smith Rock State Park

Whitney and Jason's Engagement in Smith Rock State Park

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Smith Rock State Park

During our session, the photographer often played a game where we had to close our eyes and then find each other, hoping to produce genuine laughter (which worked). So Jason took that idea and told me to turn around and close my eyes. I was oblivious due to the fact we had been doing that the whole session — so I did. When I turned around he was on one knee. He didn’t only ask me to marry him, he asked me to be ordinary with him. Something that I only understood — and of course I said yes.

Where to Propose in Smith Rock State Park

He proposed in the place it all started, where the first spark set my whole life in flames. A love that set my whole life on fire. And I said yes to the man I said yes to going on a hike in Smith Rock with. And this June, the 28th to be exact, will be where I say yes to forever – through every up and down in the exact same spot: Smith Rock State Park.

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