Whitney and James

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How We Met

James and I met at a local casino. He was very handsome and was a gentleman to me. We were just acquaintances at the time but it quickly grew to flirting and him eventually asking me out on a date. There was so much passion during our time together.. Something neither of us had felt before! I think we both knew this was the beginning of something very special.

how they asked

So after 6 years of dating and two beautiful children together… James and I planned another trip to New York City. We had went this past summer for the first time and absolutely LOVED it! We really wanted to go during Christmas time to see all the beautiful trees as well as do all the things we didn’t get to before. As a photographer myself, I knew I wanted to get our portraits taken in a beautiful spot that displayed the city well. I called my friend Sophie, and we set up the time and date. The day of the session it was quite chilly, but nothing was going to stop me from getting these amazing photos since I knew we wouldn’t be able to come back here… Somewhere in between all of this, James had texted Sophie letting her know he was going to propose.

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Asking her what advice she had on how to actually get on one knee during the session. We took some photos and Sophie told us to turn back to back and for me to look at the Brooklyn bridge.

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When she told us to turn around and look at her, that’s when I saw James down on one knee!

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Smiling from ear to ear, asking if I would marry him. I said YES!

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We took a couple more portraits after that and I was on cloud nine… We celebrated our engagement at Buddakan in meatpacking district, basking in all the excitement with rose champagne. We are planning to wed in California (with Sophie) in 2017!

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Special Thanks

Sophie Kawalek
 | Photographer