Whitney and Jacob

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How We Met

Jake and I met freshman year of high school and were best friends. During the week of Thanksgiving in 2004, many of my family flew into town to celebrate the holiday as well as my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

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Jake joined in festivities and was immediately loved by my family. The night of the birthday party, I had to drive him home, and that is where we had our first kiss.

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My family was so sure that we would end up together, they were placing bets. A week later he asked me out, and a month later we finally told everyone. We graduated high school together, and have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Ever since my grandmother’s party, part of Whitney’s family gets together to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, 11.24.16, Thanksgiving fell on grandma’s birthday (who has passed, but it holds a significant spot in our hearts). In need of an updated family photo, we all gathered around in the living room as my brother, Keaton prepared to take the photos. After a few photos of the whole group, as well as respective families, my mom asks for a picture of Whitney and Jacob together.

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As they take photos, Jake remarks on how the past 12 years have been and how it all started on a special Thanksgiving week. He then knelt down and produced a ring, asking for Whitney to be his wife. She says yes (duh!) all while Keaton snaps away on his camera.

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