Whitney and Jackson

How We Met: Jackson and I met my sophomore year of college. He played soccer and one of my sorority sisters had kept telling me that i needed to go on a date with him. Her boyfriend also played soccer with Jackson so they set us up and we eventually went on a date to dinner. The first date set the bar high. He took me to our local tavern and rented out a room for a private candlelight dinner. From then on we have been inseparable.


how they asked: I traveled to Dubai, UAE to visit my father who currently works there. But what turned into a trip to visit him turned my whole life around. The whole time i was planning on going, Jackson was too. He had been planning with my father, to propose to me on top of the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifah). He arrived to the UAE the same time i did and airport security was also in on it and tried to keep us separated the whole time. I found my dad and Jackson stayed with my dad’s co worker the floor above me all night. The next morning dad told me we had tickets to the Burj Khalifa. We got into the elevator and rode all the way to the top. My dad asked me to take a picture of him, and when i did i was turned around by jackson. He told me our story and how much i meant to him and got down on one knee. Now I can actually say my new fiancé would travel the world to find me.