Whitney and Drew

How We Met

Ladies and gentlemen …. We met on Tinder. It actually works. There is no one that is more shocked than I am that I met my husband-to-be on Tinder. I was the ultimate Tinder hater and ridiculed my friends for being on it. There were plenty who tried to change my mind but to absolutely no success. Until ….After yet another disappointment by a man, two of my girlfriends took me out for some liquid therapy. Nothing better after having your heart beat up a bit. We
indulged in our fair share of man bashing for the first couple of glasses of wine. When I was good and tipsy (the girls clearly had a plan knowing my dislike for the app) they convinced me to fork over my phone. They would make the profile for me and all I had to do was say ‘cute’ or ‘not cute’. I didn’t even have to do the swiping, which I later learned is the most fun part! And, the bartender actually picked my pictures for me. So that happened. I’m on Tinder against my will with pictures chosen by the bartender. Awesome.

Two days into my young Tinder career, and hating it a lot less than before, I “met” Drew. We matched, he talked first. Actually I should say, he talked shit first. That’s how we are; goofy, sarcastic, shit talkers. It’s just more fun that way.

As a tiny aside, had Drew listed his height of 5’9” (I’m 5’8”) I would have swiped left. I was a height-ist. I’m ashamed but I was. Drew knows this about me and loves to rib me about it any chance he gets. Anyway … The witty banter turned into a plan for a date at a nice restaurant in my neighborhood. My girlfriends had to come to my house to mentally pep me up for the date. I was SO over first dates. They’re the absolute worst. As they recall better than I do, I almost bailed last minute. Thankfully I did not. I show up at the restaurant and Drew is sitting at the bar looking incredibly handsome with a sport coat and a glass of Barbera (my favorite) waiting for me. At one point he got up to use the restroom and the bartender asked me how my first date was going. I said “is it that obvious?” He told me that Drew had gotten to the bar about a half hour to ensure he got great seats and tipped the bartender to help him out. What a guy! I was hooked. I had two dates lined up after my date with Drew that never happened.

Drew had been on Tinder for four months and I was the only girl he ever took on a date. As they say, the rest is history. I knew he was the one five days after our first date. And as they also they say, when you know you know, and I most certainly did. The good news is, so did he. Our first date was on February 19, 2014 and he asked me to marry him on Jan 1, 2015. It has been the most amazing, wonderful, dazzling, whirlwind 10.5 month romance that ever was! Just one woman’s opinion.

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how they asked

Now that you know he proposed on New Year’s Day let me give a little back story. Christmas was a whirlwind. I went to Mammoth to ski with my family and Drew headed to northern California to be with his. I was actually able to drive from my ski vacation to spend two nights with his family and made my way back to my family on Christmas night to finish the trip out. I think I drove 1500 miles in 10 days to make it all work. True love for both Drew and skiing is really the only way to explain that madness. I arrived home from Mammoth on Monday, Dec 29th and Drew’s mom, brother, sister-in-law and their two kids were staying with us. Their plan was to spend some time in Southern California and leave on the morning of the 1st. My parents were planning to come up from San Diego for New Year’s Day (as I understood it at the time) to spend some time with Drew as they did not get to see him over Christmas. I know you’re all saying, you HAD to know something was going on with all this family from everywhere all in town. Nope. I had no clue. Drew told me that we had been invited to a New Year’s Day brunch at the L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills. One of Drew’s dearest friends and mentor wanted to see us and we hadn’t been able to spend much time with him over the holiday season. Of course I agreed. It was perfect, we would say goodbye to his family in the morning, head to brunch and then catch up with my parents for football fun. This actually sounded great to me. A little champagne and then an entire day dedicated to watching football and relaxing. Well, not exactly.

SIDENOTE: Here is the significance of the L’Ermitage as described to me by new fiancé. Drew is in hospitality and this specific hotel is what brought him from San Francisco to Los Angeles…..where he would eventually meet me. He was the Food & Beverage director there for several years. The L’Ermitage also happens to be around the corner from my old apartment. I frequented the lounge at the hotel for drinks after work and various meetings the entire time he worked there. Drew and I should have met there, not on Tinder.

Back to the story, we woke up on the 1st, said goodbye to his family, and headed to Beverly Hills. We arrived at the L’Ermitage and were immediately greeted by Sal, Drew’s mentor. We made our way to the back patio of the restaurant. No one was out there because it was freezing in LA that day. I requested two heaters. The three of us sat down, began chatting and waited for the bubbles. Shortly after being seated, Sal had to get up for a quick front desk question at the hotel. After all, it is his hotel. Sal hired Drew back in the day.

Now we’re alone. Drew looked over at me and told me he loved me so much. Lucky for me, I fell in love with a man who has truly no problem being gooey and sappy all the time. He always tells me that. I’m bragging but I don’t care. I looked over at him and told him I loved him so much too. “2014 was a pretty great year,” he said. “Oh yeah, it was the best year ever.” I said back. Then he asked me if I thought 2015 would be better and I told him I thought so. “You think so,” he questioned, “or you know so?” Of course 2015 would be better I told him. And then, he said “and what about every year after that?” and he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee. At this point I knew what was going and all I could get out was “Oh my God” for an entire minute. I eventually choked out the words “yes, of course” through my tears and simultaneously realizing there was a hidden photographer.

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After he put the ring on my finger and we composed ourselves, he told me we were going up stairs to see my mom and dad. We got up to the 7th floor and Drew knocked on the door of the hotel room. I was shaking and in utter shock still so I’m not entirely sure I knew what was happening. When the door opened it was Drew’s old roommate and best friend, Ryan. WTF?!?! Ryan gave me a hug and as I rounded the corner I realized we were in the presidential suite and all our family and friends were there. Queue a lot more tears and A LOT more champagne. It was the most magical day of me entire life. Now to plan a wedding …

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