Whitney and Devin

Proposal Ideas Clallam Bay, WA

How We Met

Five years ago, on my 25th birthday I told my roommate and friend that I didn’t want to plan anything. Just tell me what to wear and when to be ready. We headed out to a club/lounge in Hollywood and was approached by a guy who asked why we were there that night. I told him it was my birthday and he didn’t believe me. I showed him my ID and he immediately bought us all drinks. He wished me Happy Birthday and then said that he had someone I needed to meet and that it was his birthday too. Up walks Devin and we proceeded to chat for about 20 minutes. He was cute, a professional in the industry, very sweet. A gentleman. He then says, “ok, you’re really cool and nice, I have to be honest with you. It’s not really my birthday.” I said, “I know it’s not your birthday.” :) The rest of the night was amazing. We danced the night away and closed down the bar. There were several reasons why we shouldn’t have met that night as well, so we both definitely think fate had stepped in.

how they asked

I was SO looking forward to a relaxing Memorial Day weekend at home. We had been go, go, go for weeks and staying at home (in our new house) sounded like heaven. So on that Friday night, I was already in pjs relaxing when Devin got home from work. We had the usual chat about our day, and then he said he’d be right back. He comes back with a bowl of my favorite ice cream, Rocky Road, with a candle on top. My 30th birthday was two weeks later and I had not been looking forward to it – AT ALL. He announced to me that he had good news and bad news. The good news was that he was surprising me with a trip out of town for my birthday, and the bad news was that we had to leave at 4am the next morning. :0!!! He immediately started packing our suitcases and even grabbing our pug’s bed and a couple toys. 4am rolls around, we get in the car, (I’m literally half-asleep), and head south out of LA. I was thinking we were going down to San Diego for the weekend, but I noticed he got off at the LAX airport exit. I was shocked. “What are we doing? Why are we headed to the airport?” I was so confused, but of course he just grinned and didn’t say anything. Once we checked in, I notice our ticket. We’re going to Seattle, WA. and I love Seattle! Was so excited! We land in WA and he tells me he has another surprise for me. We’re headed to my favorite place in the world! A tiny tiny town where part of my family grew up is right on the beach in the furthest most north west part of the state. You can see Canada on a clear day, and the smell of the ocean is clean and crisp. My heaven on Earth. It’s a tradition in my family to walk down the beach, find a good walking stick from the driftwood and head out to the reef during low tide. So Devin, our pug Emma, and I start walking. I’m in serious search mode for the perfect stick and Emma’s taking her own sweet time. I notice Devin stopped a couple of spaces back, and I hear him say that this isn’t the last surprise. I turn around and he’s getting down on one knee!! We both started crying and I wish I could remember everything he said! Through tears, we kiss and hug and I’m getting mascara all over his face and we exchange laughs and ‘I love you’s.’ We walk back to the beach house and he realizes I never said “yes.” “OMG, yes! Yes, of course!” We are both so so happy and extremely excited about this new adventure together. I really had no idea, and our proposal could not have more perfect for us!

Whitney's Proposal in Clallam Bay, WA