Whitney and Derrick

how they asked

June 20th, 2015 We were on vacation and had planned on heading to the St. Louis arch this day. Not only to see the arch, but ride 630 feet in the air on the journey to the top. We had to wait forever in the line, and then head through security. We had to empty our pockets, and walk through full body scanners. We then took some pictures, and were loaded into the elevator. These “elevators” are small cubicles that barely fit three people, let alone my mother (Sally), step-dad(Tom), Derrick, and myself, oh and our nerves. It’s a four minute ride to the top. For people that are afraid of heights like Derrick and I, it seemed like 40 minutes. Once at the top, I tiptoed, inching my way to the windows to look out. Derrick was stuck in the middle of the room. He was barely moving, if he was moving. I swear the whole place was shaking because of Derrick’s shivers. I was looking out the window, when my mom adverted my attention to the center of the room. I look at Derrick, and he is crawling on the floor in fear.

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I quickly tell him get up, and turn back to the view of Busch Stadium (Go Cards). Mom and Tom giggled and told me to look again. WHAT THE?! Turns out Derrick was not crawling, he was on one knee with a ring. How he managed to get the ring past the metal detectors and security, I don’t know. Any-who, he says words. I am sure they were romantic and super sweet. I was just saying yes and starting to ugly cry, so he had to get up and hug me. The staff and several witnesses applauded. It was just absolutely perfect! Now here we are. I get to marry my best friend on, August 13, 2017.

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