Whitney and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I met at the beach in summer of 2014. We went on our first date on July 19, 2014 and hit things off right away. He came over to pick me up for our first date and got to meet the entire family, my 4 sisters, my 1 brother, my parents and even our dog. When he survived that and still wanted to take me out i knew he was going to be a keeper. We went on our first date in Birmingham and just two short days later we had our second one Tuscaloosa. I drove up to see him after work and it was the most relaxed date you could imagine. I met him in the Academy parking lot, we walked around there and then went and ate at Baumhowers wings. After he took me to the Tuscaloosa River walk where we sat on the rocks by the river and watched the sunset. As we were sitting there, his arms around me, he looked down at me and said “Whitney Yvonne Stutzman will you be my girlfriend?” and of course i said yes!

how they asked

It was Saturday morning and we were getting ready to leave Cody’s house with his family to go to the University of Alabama A day game. We had planned that after the game we would eat dinner with his family, and then drive up to Birmingham that night and spend some time with my family before I had to head back to school in Mississippi at the end of the weekend. We were sitting watching the game, a very boring game so we were all not really paying attention, when Cody’s mom leaned over to me and said “I’m going to ask David if we can go to the Cypress Inn for dinner, they’re the only restaurant in town that’ll take reservations.” Well this statement made total sense to me as i looked around the stadium and saw almost 80,000 people sitting there. So i got all excited and said “Oh yay, that’s one of my favorites! It’s even better because it’s somewhere you only go everyone once and a while or for a special occasion. A few minutes passed and she leaned back over and said “Well he gave me the crazy look but said we can go as long as we have a reservation.” So she stepped away for a few minutes to go and “make a reservation”, when she got back she told us the reservation was at 5:15. Cody thought this was way to early and said “Oh no that’s to early to eat, don’t they have anything later?”, this also made perfect sense to me because i know that Cody prefers to eat later anyways. So Miss Tammy left again and came back saying that she changed the reservation to 5:50, and everyone agreed that was a good time. I had looked over to Cody and told him i wanted to take pictures when we got there because the restaurant has a beautiful river-walk and dock. When we left the A day game we got in the two cars and started driving towards the restaurant. When we got there Cody parked in the farthest spot away he possibly could, and when i asked why he said because it looked like everything else was taken, which it did. We all hop out of our cars and Miss Tammy(Cody’s mom) comes over and says “Hey we’re here a little early let’s go take some pictures”. So we all start walking towards the river walk and realize that a wedding is going on in the facilities pavillion/event area. We go stand by the railing and hand Cody’s mom the phone to take a picture. We take a picture, and then things got a little bit awkward, his whole family was just sorta standing there looking at us. Cody comes over and takes my hands and says “Hey come with me for a second” and he walks me down the sidewalk a little bit and starts looking out over the river. “It’s crazy to think that a 1 year and 9 months ago i asked you to be my girlfriend” Cody said to me pointing across the river. Right across the river from where we were standing you could see the rocks that Cody and I sat on and watched the sunset when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I agreed it was crazy, but it had been a great year and 9 months. He then grabbed both of my hands and turned me around, as i looked into his eyes and heard him say the words “Ya know i really have always loved you”, my eyes started to well with tears as i smiled and said “What are you doing?” He continued one with the most beautiful and sweetest speech i’ve ever heard, and then he started to drop to one knee, i buried my face in my hands i was so excited. He slipped a ring box out of his pocket and said “Whitney Yvonne Stutzman will you Marry Me?” all i could do was nod and mouth the word yes because i was crying. I grabbed his neck and just hugged him. All of the sudden i heard clapping and cheering and when i turned around standing there was still his family, and then in addition my whole family, and my best friend and her boyfriend were there. People on the Patio of the restaurant were clapping, cheering, and crying along with us. I then realized i didn’t have the ring on, so i quickly turned back and said “Put it on put it on.” He laughed and said “I’m trying” and then he slid the most beautiful ring i could ever imagine onto my hand.

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