Whitney and Bryce

How We Met

In 2004 I moved to Wichita Falls, TX. My brother, 3 years older became good friends with this boy named Bryce. They ended up becoming best friends and remained close despite going to different colleges and various life changes. A few years later I moved off to college and then pursued my dream of working in cybersecurity and moved to Atlanta, GA.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Wichita in Wichita Falls, TX

After two years in Atlanta, God opened a door for me to move back to Texas. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to live, but temporarily I planned to move back to Wichita Falls with my parents until I could decide where I wanted to settle down. Little did I know I’d end up buying a house here and falling in love!

When I moved back, I ran into Bryce at church. I hadn’t seen him in years. (Yes, he was still cute as ever!) One Sunday, he asked for my number because he had lost my number from the past. I gladly gave it to him! We agreed to meet up at a coffee shop to catch up on life. The two of us agreed we were JUST FRIENDS and in fact, remained just friends for many months before we realized there was something more. After “getting to know” one another again, there was just an unexplainable spark. It was like something out of a movie! Months went by and we agreed we were at a place to date. We wanted to give this thing a try! So that is what we did!

Whitney's Proposal in Lake Wichita in Wichita Falls, TX

How They Asked

It was a complete surprise to me! He got my best friends involved so I would have no clue! My best friends Emily and Anna had asked Bryce and me to go to dinner that night. We agreed to go to a semi-nice restaurant so I had planned on dressing cute! (Their plan worked!) Then my bestie girl Katy happened to come into town and asked me to help do her make up for her to go on a double date night…in return, she would help do my hair! Little did I know she was helping me get ready for the proposal! Last, he sent me, his sister, and sister in law to get our nails done for Thanksgiving! (Turns out he just wanted it for the proposal.) I had NO clue. He called me at around 3 pm and said he would be picking me up at 4:45 pm because he wanted to show me something before dinner. I agreed. When we got in the car he told me we were going to Lake Wichita because he had seen that this coffee shop (the one we reconnected at) was putting on a “Trail of Thanksgiving!” I told him, “huh that cool, but I didn’t see or hear anything about that…” We got to the trail and it was a beautiful sunset on the lake. We started walked and each sign was handwritten by him a memory of us. Things we had done together, pictures of us, etc.

The entire time I thought he was just being sweet because Thanksgiving was the next day! Boy, was I wrong!

At the last sign, it said “Diamond Level Sponsor: Bryce Henderson” and talked about how he was thankful God led us to one another. It wasn’t until that sign that I realized what was happening.

I was in such shock because I had no idea, but was so happy all I could squeak out was “YES!”

His dad was hidden taking photos, and around the corner, his mom and my parents were waiting to celebrate with us! It was so unique and so thoughtful to look back on our relationship. To think back to where we started and where we are now! He ended the perfect moment by giving me a bible with my future new name, Whitney Henderson and praying over our future marriage and family. I love every detail he put into it, and could not imagine a more perfect day!

Afterward, he planned a huge gathering with our closest friends and family complete with coffee and frozen yogurt from our favorite spots in town. Since the moment he asked me to be his wife, I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling.