Whitney and Brandon

How We Met

It all started with a “swipe right!” Brandon and I met in the most unexpected, yet most perfect of ways in May of 2015 – we met on Tinder! I had just recently graduated from Washington State University and was searching for a physical education teaching position, certainly not a man to marry! Once home from school, I learned very quickly that life after college had little to no attractive, successful, single men throughout it. With a “let’s just see what happens” attitude I joined the scary adventure of Tinder. Somehow, I stumbled upon the most handsome, confident, and hilarious gentleman.

Where to Propose in Brandon proposed in our new house while it was under construction

Whitney and Brandon's Engagement in Brandon proposed in our new house while it was under construction

Brandon was also a Wazzu Health and Fitness Graduate. He decided to go with the approach of asking if I knew one of his favorite Kinesiology professors, Dr. Morgan, in starting our conversation. I loved the professor and we instantly had the opportunity to have a conversation that wasn’t awkward. We talked for a week or so on Tinder and then started texting. We finally decided to grab some coffee together and then go to a nearby beach, Harbour View Park, to play frisbee and watch the sunset. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am by no means good at sports. I am a PE teacher but my heart is in fitness. Even when he saw how terrible I was at frisbee, he still wanted to continue things with me!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Brandon proposed in our new house while it was under construction

how they asked

Brandon and I purchased our very first home together in February of 2017 and the construction was set to be finished in May. We could not have been any more excited to watch the progress of our beautiful new home. Two weeks before Brandon proposed he asked if we could recreate one of our first dates. Brandon suggested that both of us pick a date to re-live. He decided that he would get to pick the first one that we would go on and I could pick the next. He decided on our first date, at Harbour View Park. Rewind to October 2016, Brandon and I both had a day off and we were trying to decide on how to enjoy our day together. He suggested that we go look at engagement rings and I surely wasn’t going to argue. I picked out my absolute dream ring and then patiently, yet incredibly impatiently, anticipated the day he would propose.

Fast forward to April 8, 2017 and we were set to go on our recreated “First Date” and I was entirely convinced he was going to ask me to marry him at Harbour View Park. We had made plans following our “First Date” with my best friend, Jennifer, to show her our soon-to-be new home and get some dinner. Jenn asked us to meet her just a hour after our “First Date” was scheduled. When I asked Brandon if that timing would work and he said absolutely….this seemed a bit unusual considering the short amount of time for us to spend on our date, but I wasn’t going to ask any questions and interfere with his game plan. Brandon and I were off for our date! Living in Seattle the weather is unpredictable and usually rainy. Of course it was drizzly and windy, so we grabbed a coffee, and decided to make the best of it!

We played frisbee at the park and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When it got too windy we got into the car and left…I was like “wow…how embarrassing, I was completely wrong!” We continued on with plans for the day and drove to the new house to meet Jenn. We went to the sales office to get the key for the house, met up with Jenn, and drove to the new house. When we arrived to the house we looked around the outside briefly and then I marched into the house, eager to show her around. When I unlocked and opened the door my heart entirely melted. There was a path of rose petals throughout the house that led to a heart at the end. Brandon walked me down the pathway, expressed the sweetest words of love and joy to me, got down on one knee, and popped the question.

I was entirely overjoyed and blown away by the entire moment that I was living in. I also could not believe the two of them entirely fooled me and had used the “First Date” as a trick…they both know me so well!

After we had enjoyed champagne and took some photos we headed to our favorite restaurant, Terracotta Red. As we drove to the restaurant I asked Brandon and Jenn if we should call my parents and share the exciting news. The two of them quickly shut me down. Jenn suggested we enjoy dinner and then go to my parents’ house to celebrate with them in person. I was disappointed in their cold response but agreed. When we walked into the restaurant there was a huge table of our closest and most cherished family and friends there waiting to celebrate the incredibly special day with us!

Brandon had truly thought of every possible detail! Brandon truly blew me away by the amount of thought, energy, and love that went into the entire day. I could not have been any more overjoyed or have felt any more love from on the day he proposed. I am incredibly grateful to experience our proposal as our first memory in our new home. Both of us will forever treasure the memory and I could not be any more excited to become Mrs. Corsi on April 8, 2018 in Hawaii!