Whitley and Cameron

how we met

We both became military recruiters in the same area & we just so happened to recruit in the same exact schools. He says I met him once before at our other school, but I found it hard to believe I would meet someone as gorgeous as he was and not remember it until I ran into him at our main recruiting school.

how they asked

We didn’t have the classic movie proposal. We started the year and he looked at me one evening and told me he wanted to be married by the end of the year. Me being a woman of Charleston, SC knew just how busy wedding planning can be in our city so I went to work. We definitely started wedding planning without a proposal and everyone thought we were crazy. I probably drove him a little crazy during the quarantine asking “WHEN are you going to propose?!” One evening, he waited until I came out the room and was on one knee and finallyyyyy asked me and how could I not say yet?! He’s literally a dream come true!

Special Thanks

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