When Dogs Play Matchmaker: Bill and Amara's Proposal

Hecht_Holdeman_Ali__Garrett_Wedding_Photographers_BillAmara95of171_lowHow We Met: I met the love of my life in Lithia Park. I was walking my yorkie Akai and we were playing and all of a sudden he took off and ran over to this very very handsome man and Akai was so happy to see him. My yorkie never goes up to total strangers. So I went and ran up to Akai to fetch him when I looked up to say sorry for disturbing him with my little 4 pound yorkie but when I did my heart stopped. I had never felt that way, like the wind was knocked out of me, looking up at this man I didn’t know. It was love truly at first sight. We started talking and found out we have a lot in common. We spent the whole day talking and when it was getting late and time to go he stopped me and told me he had not met anyone like me before. He asked me to go to dinner that night and I said okay. We went to dinner but didn’t really eat much we were so interested in getting to know each other and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. We have been together ever since that day. To this day I still remember the way he looked the first minute I laid eyes on him.

how they asked: After five amazing years of dating the day after our 5 year anniversary he told me we were going to a really fancy dinner and to get my makeup done professionally and to dress “fancy” so I did and that night we left our house and he blind folded me and told me he wanted to surprise me so no peeking he said. When we finally got to where we were going, he told me to wait in the car which I for some reason didn’t think was weird at all. So I waited patiently for Bill to get back. When he did and I took off my blind we were at the Chautauqua Park.



We walked through the entrance and there at the very front of the park was this wooden sign that said your dog is the best match maker which I knew was about the day we first met in the park and the next sign said I love you so much baby and the next one said that it was love at first sight and the last one on the path said I’m a fortunate soul.





As we walked through the park there was this guy with his guitar and as we got closer he started singing Fortunate Fool by Jack Johnson which means so much to me and Bill because the first night we talked it came on the radio and he sang the whole thing to me and ever since it’s just a song that brings us back to the day we first met, the day that changed our lives forever.


After that beautiful song was sung we walked up the a little farther and there was this beautiful arch covered with the most amazing flowers and chandeliers and a beautiful table with chairs and more flowers and Izzes to drink.






I was freezing by that time because I wasn’t prepared to walk in the snow and mud in my Christian Louboutins because I had thought we were going to dinner. However for Bill I would do anything, even ruin my favorite shoes :)


So when he gave me the Izze I wasn’t really wanting something so cold but I drank up because he looked like it would mean a lot to him. Then he gave me this huge pink rose and then we sat and drank Izzes in the amazingly beautiful Chautauqua park.





Then he came over to me where I was sitting and bent down on one knee and pulled out this ring box from his jacket and told me how he couldn’t imagine life without me and how he wanted me to be his forever, how he knew the minute his eyes first met mine that day in Lithia Park that he was going to marry me. With that he said will you make me the luckiest man alive? Will you marry me Amara? I was ecstatic and so surprised. I screamed yes of course!








Bill even had a photographer to capture the whole engagement because he wanted my mom and family to be apart of such an amazing day for us. Ali is the most amazing photographer and the pictures came out sooo amazing; never in my life have I had such great pictures taken. She is amazing.




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Photos by: Ali & Garrett