What's His Wedding Ring Style?

Men spend a lot of time looking for the perfect ring for their future fiancée, but they often forget about that other big jewelry decision they’ll need to make: choosing their own wedding ring. These days, men aren’t just wearing simple bands; they’re finding ones that are unique, meaningful and full of beautiful design details. And here’s a surprise: Almost half of men are choosing bands made from non-traditional fine jewelry metals instead of the gold rings that their fathers wore. With so many options out there, it can be tough to pick.

To help all the grooms out there find their perfect band, we put together a guide to men’s wedding rings based on style and personality. We selected rings entirely from the Serinium Collection by Jewelry Innovations. Known as “the precious contemporary metal,” Serinium is the name of a new high-tech alloy that will never oxidize, tarnish, or change shape or color. How’s that for everlasting? Now let’s pick out that wedding ring (and make sure you get to the very bottom to see a trend our hearts are going crazy over).

Classic mens wedding bands

Have a traditional guy on your hands? You’re in luck! While classic wedding bands might be the easiest to shop for, push yourselves a bit to find something with one extra detail that sets his ring (and your love) apart. Here are some classic, but far-from-boring options.

From left: Mayfair, Purist Slim, Simplicity

Trendy wedding bands

Being trendy doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. In fact, if you’re marrying a fashion-forward man, he’s probably more likely to want his ring to stay in style as time goes on. The key is to find something a bit unusual, but not so far out that he’ll have second thoughts in a couple of years. After all, you want your guy to wear his ring!

From left: Cubist with black diamond ceramic inlay, Medici Serinium with 14k gold inlay, Palisades

Active mens wedding bands

While choosing their bands, active men could go one of two ways: simple and comfortable, or rugged and burly. We found some of both and love how original the designs for the more outdoorsy, active guy can be.

From left: Lariat, Counterpoint Sand (the rounded edges provide extra comfort), Veldt with zebrawood inlay

Unique mens wedding bands

Here’s where it gets really fun. Unique can mean a lot of things when it comes to wedding bands. It can mean ultra-stylish, unlike anything you’ve ever seen, or an interesting twist on an otherwise traditional design. Here, different metals, colors and textures help these rings stand out.

From left: Cyber Blue, Cubist with black ceramic inlay (bark pattern finish), Whitetail with deer antler inlay

Sentimental wedding bands

If your guy wants to add some sentiment to his wedding band…well, you’ve got a real keeper. We love the idea of engraving a little something on the inside of your bands, but two new ideas we’re head over heels for are adding your heartbeats or fingerprints. (The Serinium Collection offers many engraving options, including your own designs.) And finally, if the diamond on your engagement ring is forever, why not have your hubs add a diamond to his band as well?


From left: Beveled edge band with heartbeat laser engraving, Monody with center diamond, Domed band with interior fingerprint laser engraving

If your perfect ring isn’t shown above, take a minute and look through the hundreds of Serinium rings (for both men and women!). There are designs created to suit just about every personal style. One extra benefit of the metal to keep in mind? Ring accidents and injuries are more common than you’d think, and Serinium is the safest contemporary jewelry metal and can easily be removed in an emergency with commonly available tools. The rings also come with a free silicone band, for those situations in which a metal ring should never be worn .

This sponsored post is happily brought to you by our friends at Serinium.com.