Conflict-Free Diamonds: What They Are — and Why Ethical Ring Shopping Is So Important

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When it comes to getting engaged, we’ve covered most of the basics with you. You already know how to find the perfect engagement ring style, which diamond cuts are most popular, and how to pull off a “yes”-worthy proposal. What you might not be aware of is the magnitude of your diamond-buying decision and how buying an ethically-sourced diamond can make a big impact on our world. You’ve also likely heard people talk about conflict-free diamonds, but may not know exactly what that means.

To help clear up any confusion, we called in our favorite online engagement ring retailer All 150,000+ of the diamonds they sell are certified conflict-free and they’re now the exclusive online retailer of CanadaMark diamonds, which are sourced from mines renowned for their positive social and environmental impact. Not to mention, they’re completely organic and free of treatments used to artificially enhance a diamond’s appearance—so when you buy a Canadian diamond, you’re killing two birds with one beautiful and ethically-sourced stone.

What is a conflict-free diamond?

First, let’s start with what a conflict diamond is. These unethically-mined diamonds are illegally traded and tainted by bloodshed and violence. Before the early 2000s, most of the world’s diamonds came from war-torn regions in Africa, but since then, the diamond industry has taken a serious approach to eradicating these horrible practices.

The United Nations partnered with other nongovernmental organizations and the diamond industry itself to establish the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process controls the export and import of rough diamonds—cutting out nonmember nations who still engage in these practices—to eliminate conflict diamond trading. Diamonds can also be certified conflict-free through compliance with the Patriot Act. That means you can be sure no human rights abuses, child labor, violence or environmental harm came from the production of the stone.

Why buy a conflict-free diamond?

If you’re like many millennials, you research your purchases to ensure you’re not supporting industries that contribute to corruption and human rights violations. So it makes sense that you’d want to put your money where your values are when it comes to an engagement ring, a piece of jewelry that will represent your love and commitment for decades to come. When you buy a ring featuring a CanadaMark diamond or any other diamond from, you can rest assured that those same values are being upheld.

How to buy an ethical diamond?

It’s easy: Only shop for diamonds that are guaranteed conflict-free. goes above and beyond the current laws to ensure they are bringing you only ethically-sourced stones. They have binding contracts with every single one of their suppliers to guarantee the diamonds are conflict-free and they don’t purchase polished diamonds from sources that aren’t members of the professional diamond trade. Each stone is rigorously tracked from mine to market, giving you full transparency and peace of mind.

Want another reason (or 5) to buy a beautiful ethically-sourced diamond? Check out a few of our favorite engagement rings from—all featuring a CanadaMark diamond. You can also design your own ring, from setting to stone, and view each conflict-free diamond up close in 360-degree HD before you buy, all without ever setting foot in a store.


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