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how we met

Funny you should ask…Facebook. Yes, Facebook. And it’s no surprise in our digital world – an intriguing tweet, photo or even a blog post can inspire a total stranger to make a comment. For many, these comments are the beginnings of a conversation that, for some lucky ones, turns into a relationship.

I rarely accepted friend requests from anyone on Facebook other than people that I knew, but in 2010 I guess fate kind of stepped in when Weston sent me a friend request. Although I didn’t know him, he lived about 45 minutes from my hometown of Albemarle, North Carolina and saw that we had a mutual friend, so I accepted thinking I had been in the same place as him and not been formally introduced kind of thing. (which later we both find out that this was the case; crazy.—I was downstairs in the house they lived while he was upstairs one night)
Now, let’s fast forward to August of 2011. I went to Las Vegas with one of my girlfriends a girl’s trip. Since Weston had added me earlier in the year I hadn’t spoke to him or even paid attention to his page. Well, while I was in Vegas of course I uploaded pictures having a good time. I noticed that almost every picture that I posted he “liked.” One night I was getting ready and received a inbox message from Weston. Of course it was him talking about the fact that he couldn’t believe that I was in Vegas as he had been there and was actually waiting for his flight. (CRAZY) I being the girl that I am didn’t immediately respond as I wasn’t on schedule with getting ready.

Later that night I ended up responding back to Weston not thinking that I would hear anything from him due to the time difference and him probably catching up on sleep. Weston responded IMMEDIATELY and we ended up writing back and forth all night. And then every day forward. We planned to meet for dinner when I arrived back in town. We decided on Applebee’s in Albemarle since there isn’t much when I’m from. We decided 7:30. Well, at 8 when he hadn’t arrived and I hadn’t heard from him I left. At 9:15 I receive a call saying he would be there in 5. I end up going back to meet him and I am SO glad that I did. The meeting really wasn’t awkward. I was so nervous to meet Weston face to face but once I hugged him and we started talking I was at ease and laughed the entire time. I left with a smile and a, “see you soon.” The following day, Weston asked me to be his date to his sister’s wedding. Crazy, I thought. I didn’t want to “crash” his sister’s wedding with him… I mean who would I sit with and what side do I pick? I nicely turned down the offer. We kept in touch and talked quite frequently and always tried to plan to meet up when we would go out with our friends but it just never worked out. He tried multiple times to take me out other nights and things always came up so it started to turn into, I owe yous.

Once we finally got back to hanging out again in January of the following year, you couldn’t keep us apart. A couple weeks later, we made it “Facebook official” as a couple.

Weston and I had looked a rings online and at the mall when we would walk around. We had talked about marriage but I didn’t think much of it. I knew it would happen but I wasn’t going to push anything.

In November of 2014 we went to Diamond’s Direct to their event where they had all of their jewelers. We had looked at so many rings that I was starting to get confused and stressed because I wanted to get the PERFECT ring that fit my personality but there was just so many! We then came to Kirk Kara’s collection… so many beautiful intricate designs in the rings as I was looking in the case. A man and woman started talking to us about the history of Kirk Kara and the ins and outs of their rings. Weston and I both introduced ourselves to Kirk and Lucy. YES Kirk and his wife. The actual designer of the rings we were looking at. (HOW FREAKING AMAZING—not many get to meet the actual designer of their ring and we did.)

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how they asked

Each year our families go to the beach for a week in the summer for vacation. The Harrington Vacation came and went it was time for the Church vacation week. The plan was for Weston to work half of the day on Saturday and we would leave by noon to head to the beach. I was at home impatiently waiting on him to get home. Noon comes around, no Weston. I call him and he proceeds to tell me that he’s waiting on his truck to get out of detail and then he would be on his way home. I became frustrated that I asked, “Why are you washing your truck BEFORE we go to the beach where it’s going to get sandy and salty?” Before I could hear his answer I said, “whatever” and hung up, but little did I know that he had something up his sleeve.

We finally arrive at the beach Saturday night and sit with his family in the living room talking and hanging out. Weston’s mom made the comment about my nails not being painted as I have ALWAYS kept acrylic on my nails and the week before I decided to take it off. Now, any woman knows when you take acrylic off of your nails that they look like complete crap and polish WILL NOT stay on your nails. Weston’s sister asked if I brought polish and if she could borrow it to paint her nails. (Weston had text his sister earlier telling her to do whatever she and his mom had to do to get my nails painted that night) I decided that if she was painting her nails that I would just paint mine the next day. I was exhausted, ready to relax and ready to go to bed. Adamantly Weston’s mom and sister said they would paint my nails for me so I wouldn’t have to do it the next day. I was thinking, “Sureeee, pamper me, but I really want to go to bed.” Thank goodness they painted them!

The week before our beach trip was my birthday. I asked for a nice Canon camera as I take a lot of pictures of my dogs and wanted something that was professional grade. On the drive down, Weston mentioned that we should wake up early Sunday morning to go and take pictures on the beach and practice using my camera. So, Sunday morning Weston wakes me up ready to head down to the beach to take pictures. Down I go… I walk downstairs to everyone sitting around and ask Jonathan (Weston’s brother-in-law) if he wanted to help me out with my camera settings while I snapped pictures on the beach. Jonathan is really good with cameras so I was taking advantage of him while I could. About 10 minutes later Weston comes down with the rest of them following. At this time I didn’t think anything about it. I just figured we were all going down to take pictures. Now, mind you… Weston’s dad was pulling a cooler. Yes, a cooler at 8:30 in the morning. (Turns out he was in charge of our congratulatory champagne!) Again, I didn’t read into it as I was trying to listen to Jonathan.

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I snap a couple of pictures of the lighthouse, the family, waves and the sand. Weston then asks me to take a couple pictures of him with the lighthouse behind him. OF COURSE! Snap, snap, snap. THEN, it happened!

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While focusing and making sure everything was JUST right Weston got down on one knee and popped open the box! OH MY GOSH I screamed with about a 15-second delay. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I remember asking him if this was for real. Thank goodness for Weston and his awesome planning.

He kept in mind every detail that I wanted for when it did happen… my nails to be painted so they looked good in pictures, someone filming the entire thing (thanks Lindsay) and someone taking pictures of it happening (thanks Jonathan). Now, this coming September, we will wed in Albemarle and I will become a Church.

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Kirk Kara
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