Sara and Wesley

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How We Met

Wesley and I met on April 25, 2014 at mutual friends wedding! Our friends actually tried to connect us for two years prior to meeting, but timing just never allowed. At the wedding, I went up to the bride who so happened to be talking to Wesley and said “that’s her!” With a full mouth of food he graciously shook my hand and from what I could understand said, “so nice to finally meet you”. I had no clue he would be there but apparently he knew the whole time that he would meet me that night. As the wedding went on we spoke here and there but since I was part of the bridal party, the conversation fizzled out. Towards the end of the night, we were able to have a less interrupted conversation as I volunteered him to help me pack some things up. I finally started making my way out, since I had a 4:00 am flight to take the following morning to Honduras and I heard someone yelling my name across the street. Wesley decided he didn’t want to let me go without asking me for my number. A few days later while I was countries away I received a Facebook message from him asking how my trip was going and that he wanted to hang out once I got back. Fast forward two weeks later and we finally made plans to hang out, we rode bikes through New Orleans and ate at the cutest pizzeria. As our conversation flowed I immediately knew there was something refreshing and different about him. Six months from the moment we had our first date, we were inseparable. We endured my stressful senior year in college, as well as year of long distance and those moments weren’t always so pretty (props to all those couples who make it through long distance…hard is an understatement)! I would not want to go through life’s greatest and toughest moments with anyone else!

how they asked

February 24, 2017, we woke up early to get our first day of adventure started in beautiful Austin, TX. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was getting ready for the best day of my life. My family and closest friends all hiked a bit to reach Hamilton Pool, which was instantly breathtaking, a gorgeous waterfall that flowed into clear sparkling water stood in front of us. As we continued to walk and make our way around the cave, I noticed Wes was lagging behind, so I slowed down and waited for him while the rest of the group proceeded ahead. His body language began to change and he asked to take a picture with me in front of the waterfall, which is a miracle in itself since he is not the biggest fan of pictures (total opposite of me…I love capturing every moment). As we began to start to pose for the “picture” it dawned on me, “wait why is he acting so weird…it couldn’t be THAT moment?” and seconds later Wesley grabbed my hand and got down on one knee! I was in complete shock.

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Tears flowed down my face as he began to ask me the most important question. It was the easiest question I ever had to answer. I immediately thought how fortunate we were to have found each other and to be living in that exact moment. As both of our hands were shaking he managed to get my dream ring on.

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Seconds later he said “oh look who is also here…” as if this moment couldn’t get any more perfect, his family had also made the trip to Austin and he hired a photographer to capture the whole thing. Both of our families together to witness the most important day of our lives was so special to both of us. As the photographer kept taking pictures, Wes began to tell me that he asked some of my family members (including my grandparents in another country via FaceTime) and got footage of it all…at this point I was a wreck and just so thankful that he took the time to seek my family’s blessing.

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We hugged everyone, cried A LOT, and took pictures that we will cherish forever. Everything was perfect for us. I’m forever thankful for this day and how special Wesley made it!

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