Werner and Pauly's Flash Mob Proposal


How We Met: We met on Facebook. 1500 miles away from each other, no mutual friends nothing, it was a random add which I believe was fate. We then after a few months met in person and feel immediately in love, I knew at that moment I wanted to marry Werner, have his children and take my last breath with him. However because we  lived so far away for 8 months, it was hard, because social media was only getting big then so it was still the normal texts and phone calls , and finally after 8 months, we have been together 6 years later, stronger in love each day, and happier every day. I couldn’t have asked for a better soul mate.

how they asked: The proposal was a 2 year plan and a 10 month of actually working on it. I can be a bit dramatic and like over the top things, I am that much in love I wanted the entire world to know, that true love and strong love does exist. I never believed in it until I met Werner.

So I rang companies so many and begged them to do a flash mob dance for me which they did, I shot my own video and I flew all his family from across the country to come and surprise him on our very special day.


He is my world and I wanted the world to believe that it does exist and we can all have the special love I have.