Wenn and Brittany | They Met at Fish Camp...


How We Met: Our journey began twelve years ago, during our 7th grade summer at Two Way Fish Camp in Brunswick, Georgia. Both of our fathers’ kept their boats at the marina, just a few boats down from each other. Wenn spent most of his summers with his father who lived in one of the condos near the marina. At the time, Wenn and I went to different middle schools and only knew of each other. I can still remember the first time I saw Wenn, it was July 4th and my family was getting ready for our annual celebration on the water. Just as we were leaving the dock, Wenn and his friends walked by acting like silly 6th grade boys, waving and yelling at my best friend and I. From this point on we began hanging out more and more, as our relationship continued to grow through high school and college. After college Wenn moved back to Glynn County, but it was not long before he moved to Charleston, SC to embark on a new journey with my Uncle’s Roofing company.

Of course after being together for ten years we had talked about our future, so I knew one day we would get married, but did not know when. As we’ve gotten older and our relationship has grown, everyone seems to ask the same question “When are you two getting married?”. We began to hear it so much Wenn would laugh and jokingly reply “In the year 2020”. After awhile I began to think that he was serious and we weren’t getting married until then. Little did I know that for the past six months he had been working with a jeweler in Glynn County creating my dream ring.

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how they asked: It was the football game of the year in the South, University of Georgia versus the University of Florida. We headed back to our hometown (St. Simons Island, GA) to celebrate the weekend with our friends and family. Wenn told me we were going to eat dinner with his mother and Henry (her boyfriend) at Mudcat Charlie’s at 5:30 to have drinks then dinner. I did not think anything of it since we ate at the marina on a regular basis when we were in town.


That afternoon on the way out to Two Way Fish Camp, Wenn mentioned that the college ring his mother designed and had made for him was finally finished. He was very excited and had been waiting a while for this ring. When we pulled up to the marina, he said we were meeting them down on Henry’s boat for drinks. As we were walking down the dock, I began telling him a story about something I had seen on the news. We were almost to the end of the dock, when he grabbed my hand, turned to me and said “I’m not the only one getting a ring tonight”. The next thing I knew he was on one knee asking me to marry him! I was in complete shock, but beyond ecstatic!

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After I said yes, his mother and Henry joined us on the dock for a toast. cute marriage proposal photos-january-2014-020 cute marriage proposal photos-january-2014-022 cute marriage proposal photos-january-2014-023 cute marriage proposal photos-january-2014-028 cute marriage proposal photos-january-2014-029

I could not have asked for a more perfect proposal! Two Way Fish Camp is such a special place to Wenn and I. It is where we met and have shared so many memories over the last ten years. I’m so fortunate we had an amazing photographer, Anna Shackleford to capture this special moment. I’m beyond excited to begin my life with my best friend.

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Photos by Anna K. Photography