Wendy and Wesley

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How We Met

I met Wesley at the young age of 10 years old. He was a chubby Fourth Grader, and I was a shy Fifth Grader. I can remember coming home and telling my mom, “There is a boy in the Fourth Grade that is really nice to me.” I guess that’s all it took because I was totally crushing on him, and he was totally NOT crushing on me (obviously he eventually came around).

Over the last 13 years, Wesley and I attended the same school, church, and had many mutual friends. Although my crush never developed into anything, we shared many elementary, middle, and high school memories together. We were at parties together, school functions, and even both acted in The Wizard of Oz my senior year of high school.

We graduated and went our separate ways. Well…that chubby little Fourth Grader I was so totally into had turned into a dark, handsome man right before my eyes, and how could I NOT fall in love with him!? We realized that, although we had been friends all those years, maybe there was something more. We took awhile to come around, but we finally started dating after a long (and it felt LONG) study abroad semester for Wesley. He told me he loved me 2 months later in the mountains of Colorado, and we both immediately knew we would spend together forever.

how they asked

I am a photographer and was contacted by a friend (Drew) of mine and Wesley’s. Drew told me he planned to propose to his girlfriend at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on December 23rd and asked if I would hide out and photograph the proposal. I almost (ALMOST) said no because 1. I didn’t know if I wanted to ask off work, and 2. it was the holidays! I kind of just wanted to hang with my family. But, as fate would have it, I agreed to do it. So I asked Drew to meet me at the Art Museum to go over placement, back up plan in case of weather, and all other things that need to be worked out for shooting a proposal. We got everything set that morning and planned to be back at the IMA by 4:30 for the big moment!

Wesley planned to come with me because we were both attending said friend’s “engagement party” at a nice restaurant downtown after the proposal. We got to the museum, and I was showing Wesley where the proposal was going to take place. I was IN THE BUSHES showing him where I would be hiding (I’m sure I looked like a fool!). He then asked me, “Now where is he going to propose?” I took him down to the beautiful bridge in the gardens at the Art Museum and showed him where the proposal would be taking place. When we got to the bridge, he took my hand, and began to get down on one knee.

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I was shocked, to say the least, and had no idea if what was happening was real! When Wesley told me that, yes, it WAS real, it was a setup, and that he was trying to propose to me, I nearly dropped $3,000 worth of camera equipment on the ground and burst into tears. After asking “Is this real?” about 75 times, I said “YES!” with all of me and promised my forever to Wesley. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect and special moment.

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Special Thanks

Lexi Mathioudakis
 | Photographer