Wendy and Rafa

How We Met

We actually met through online dating. A guy that I was setup with and we didn’t hit it off at all, showed me this website called Bumble. I signed up with my girlfriend and we browsed the pictures. I saw Rafas and thought he was sooo hot. I reached out and wee started to chat. Once I found that he was from Spain and we had a lot in common. We met In person and the rest is history

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how they asked

Rafa gave me a trip to Thailand as my birthday gift. He mentioned that we were going to a small town called Chaing Mai to see the Yee Peng (Lantern Festival). We got to Chaing Mai after a very long trip to find that our booked hotel was horrendous! No running water and very small. We frantically started looking for another alternative as it was already 7pm. We found one available room nearby and decided to walk there before making a decision. We got lucky and found a fantastic place! We showered and headed out to see the festival. We met a huge crowd of locals by the river. It was very humid but the scenery was amazing with so many lanterns up in the sky. We couldn’t find a lantern for sale anywhere. We did find a great restaurant by the river with a greets view. We sat down and just watched amazed at the tons of lanterns and offering floating down the river. My boyfriend asked me if I was happy, I said yes. He asked mee if I wanted to be happier, and pulled out that amazing blue box.

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Wendy Perez
Wendy Perez
Wendy Perez