Wendy and Matt

How We Met

We met online. But every day has been magical since then! Including 16 Disneyland trips!

how they asked

Good Afternoon! This past Saturday, my beautiful girlfriend and I got engaged! It was the best day of my life, of our lives! :) Our story began on February 24, 2018. Since that day, I have kept track of every single date we have ever been on. We are currently headed on date 156 tonight! But if you were to ask me what we did on date 27 or 65 or 139, I would be able to tell you!

For our 154th date, I told Wendy (my fiancé) that we would be attending a gala. She was dressed in a designer gown and looked incredibly beautiful for this “gala”. As far as she knew- all it was, was a simple gala. But little did she know what was next. Let’s rewind time.

When I first met Wendy, one of our early dates we watched the movie “Father of the Bride” with Steve Martin. In fact, that was date # 68. While watching that movie, Wendy informed me of the memory of her father through this movie. When she was 10 her dad passed away due to cancer. He and she watched that movie together every day from the time she was 6 years old to when he passed, then she continued to watch it to keep his presence and memory alive.

Another cute story is that Wendy’s dad was an architect and he asked her to design her dream home at 9 years old. She drew the Father of the Bride house.

So, back to the present day. A few months ago I found the house located in Alhambra California (in the movie it is located in San Marino California). I went to the house in a suit and tie, a portfolio of who Wendy and Matt are, and some See’s Candies for the homeowners. I did a cold knock on the door and met with the family that currently lives there for 15 minutes. By the end of that conversation, I proposed to the family that I propose at their house.

The family agreed a few weeks later and then we were officially in motion.

Wendy and Matt's Engagement in Father of the Bride Movie House

As we drove to the gala, I had already prepped the house with 5,000 twinkly lights, flood lights, candles, moments of her and I, etc etc. We got to the house and faked that I wanted to see the same basketball court that the characters played on in the movie.

That got her to sneak into the backyard with me where she was met with the proposal.

I walked her to a podium where I had laid an iPad that had a photo video from every date we have ever had AND it closed with a blessing video from her Mom and Brother.

I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me and she said YES!

Suddenly her future bridesmaids and her family as well as my family and groomsmen walked out from inside the house and greeted us! She had no clue that they were watching the entire thing from inside the house.

It truly was the most amazing day of our lives. Wendy and I started an account on Instagram known as @SecretDips and we would love our story to be featured on your page! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Father of the Bride Movie House