Wendy and Josh

Wendy and Josh's Engagement in Munich Germany at the Residence Gardens

How We Met

Our story: Josh and I met on the first day of school of our Sophomore year in High School in History class. I was so shy to speak to him, but I finally grew the courage to and our friendship blossomed into something more. We’ve gotten to grow up together and experience so much together. After all of these years, he’s still my best friend.

How They Asked

We love to travel, and going to Oktoberfest has been on our bucket list. Josh knew he wanted to propose soon so he decided to book the trip to Munich and a photoshoot on our first day in Munich. After almost 11 years of dating, Josh popped the question on September 19th, 2019. Josh knew how much I’ve been wanting to do a photoshoot so why not in beautiful Munich? Our proposal happened at the beginning of our photoshoot in the Residence Garden in the center of Munich. I was so nervous about making it to the photoshoot on time that I was not expecting it at all and Josh was so calm the whole time! It was such beautiful scenery and an intimate photo session. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal in a beautiful place. -Wendy

Special Thanks

Julio Florez
 | Photographer