Wendy and John

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How We Met

We met through mutual friends. I (Wendy) used to be a professional dancer for the Houston Dynamo. My teammate at the time, introduced me and John. It was her birthday and we were celebrating in a party bus, followed by a night of dancing. John was definitely my eye candy of the night. He then asked me to dance, and our love story continued after that night. We began to date shortly after that. Fast foward to three years later and I get to call him my Fiance, and soon to be husband.

how they asked

It all started 3 years ago when we met through mutual friends. Fast forward three years of love, and putting God first, John surprised me with a lifetime memory. It started with a flash mob dance he and his friends had been practicing since thanksgiving. All my family and friends were there and his as well. John started dancing to Bruno mars song “Uptown Funk” and his friends slowly joined him but shortly when the song changed to “Marry you” by Bruno Mars, I broke out in tears of happiness! The flash mob ended with John Galloway asking me a question of a lifetime. “Will you marry me?” It was a total surprise but not to the family and friends who were invited to attend. If you can imagine, I said YES!! Then the Mardi Gras festivities continued with the parade. Our family and friends had shirts for us, koozies, presents, and even cake. It was a memorable day for us both. Our love story continues to be shared around the world. Our video was posted on facebook by a friend who attended and has gone VIRAL. Our proposal video has over 1.2 million views! It has also been shared by over thousands of people including all Houston news channels, radio stations, CNN this morning, ABC news, CNN, and Good Morning America as well. 2/18/17 will definitely be a day we both remember!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Quy Ngo
 | Attended our proposal and took pictures to capture our special day.