Wendy and Eric

11055255_907694785956751_840193318613049571_nhow they asked: Eric and I met through a mutual friend on social media. Eric, at the time, lived in Boston, MA and I lived in Florida.

We talked on the phone and via texts for about 3 weeks before Eric came to Florida. The first time we met in person, Eric got down on one knee with a ring pop and proposed to me! (In my head, i thought he was crazy!!).

We were in a long distance relationship for 3 1/2 years when he proposed at my daughter’s dance recital. During the finale, he ran out of the auditorium to “go to the bathroom”. Little did i know, I was about to get ENGAGED!!. The dancers come out with little hats, and i was thinking “what’s going on?”, then i see my daughter, Sylvia come out with a sign that said MOMMY PLEASE! and the rest of the girls were holding hats that spelled out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”!!!

Eric came out from backstage & tells everybody the story that he proposed to me with a ring pop when we first met.

Here we are now, no longer long distance, living together in Boston, MA & HAPPILY ENGAGED!!






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