Wendy and Eber

How We Met: Eber and I met one year before we started dating, I of course made the first move. A few weeks after he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes. Since the day I met him I knew he would become my husband. If it was up to him he would had asked me to marry him the next day, but of course I told him to take his time. He is an only child and I’m the last of 3 to leave the house so we’re both close to our parents. All he knew was that I definitely wanted to marry him, but he had to make sure to ask for my mom’s blessing, I can’t know when he gets the ring, and I didn’t want it at a restaurant and if he could for my family to be there. so let’s fast forward 6 months. A friend invited us to the Castaway in Burbank to watch some flamenco dancers in February. Eber said yes so we waited weeks until that day would come. He then tells me he has to go to Vegas that weekend with his best friend, I already knew but wasn’t sure of the date. My sisters came over and did my nails and straightened my hair, I thought they did it because I gave them my Netflix password. Saturday came. My mother let me sleep in and she went to run errands, my friends came and we got ready to go. Eber was sending pictures of all the buffet food he was eating and all the attractions from Vegas, so I had not one clue of what would happen next. We get to Castaway with 3 of my friends, we’re walking to the venue and as I’m turning I see a friend that looks like a friend from Texas, so I go down to grab my phone and as I’m doing so I ask my friend “where is this place?!” And she says “he’s over there.” As I’m looking up from my purse Eber turns around from looking out in the gazebo. I started to hyperventilate so he walked to down and grabbed me walked me to the gazebo and asked me to marry him with the perfect ring. After I said yes little by little all of my friends and family came out from behind the bushes, which included two of my friends from Dallas! It was perfect and I was honestly surprised. He captured everything because he knew I wanted to remember, but the best part was that he did ask for my mom’s blessing weeks before. 10 months later we went back to Castaway, but this time to have our wedding there! He was an amazing fiancé, now he’s an amazing husband.