Wendy and Dave

How We Met: When we met Dave and I hit it off right away. We just had chemistry. We were both chatter boxes. We were set to have our first date but I met someone else and started dating him. Dave was devastated but persistent. He would text me jokes, good morning/night texts, just to say hello, happy birthday. For two long months he waited, he knew things would never work out with me and the other guy (yes, he was right). Around our birthdays (both in November) we started regularly talking again and he took me on our first date. That night he told me he would give me the world if I gave him a chance. We’ve been crazy about each other ever since.

Image 1 of Wendy and Dave

how they asked: Dave came to California when he joined the Marines so he took me to his hometown in Chicago over the holidays. One day we spent the day downtown and at night went to the sky deck. We waited for 3 long hours in line and I noticed Dave was always standing behind me but I didn’t think anything of it. When we went through the metal detectors i offered to hold his jacket and he quickly took it back. We finally got on the sky deck 103 stories up and he was shaking. He is scared of heights so I figured thatwas causing his anxiety. When we finished taking a picture, he told me to stand and asked me to marry him.. After giving me the world, he proposed to me on top of the world.

Image 2 of Wendy and Dave Image 3 of Wendy and Dave