Wendy and Daryl

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How We Met

We first met 3.5 years ago, when i was on my way to meet my best girl friend in New York, Buffalo, to begin our epic graduation trip. Upon arrival at her doorstep, i noticed Daryl who was shovelling snow out of the way, clad in only singlet, shorts and slippers. That really intrigued me and made me take notice of him as no one in the right mind would even be out there in the cold on such a snowy evening. I soon realized that he was my girl friend’s housemate (we are Singaporeans, and they were in Buffalo for a university exchange program), and we soon hit it off. He even brought me out for IHOP pancakes the next day!

how they asked

We were on our year end vacation in New Zealand, South Island and have been on a week-long road trip. On 08th December, while driving we decided that it’s time to take a pit-stop, have a little picnic and toilet break before moving along on our journey. We chanced upon a nearby campsite halfway during the drive, and decided to pop by.

Upon arrival at the campsite, i was captivated by the breathtaking scenery and decided to take some fashionable photos right there and then. Daryl decided that it was a lovely day and place to fly his drone as well. I proceeded to set-up the camera tripod, totally oblivious to what Daryl was doing, simply assuming that he was absorbed with flying his drone.

I took some test shots using the self-timer mode on the camera mounted on the tripod and was totally captivated by the results. Just as I was self timing to capture another shot, he came running towards me, went down on one knee and popped the question. Right there and then, the picture-perfect scenery just took to a whole new meaning.
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