Wendy and Daniel | A Gorgeous In-Home Proposal

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How I Asked: I wanted to propose to my girlfriend in a way that was highly sentimental and meaningful based on our relationship. We first became a couple during a walk along the canal, and initially I wanted to propose there, however the Polar Vortex gave me second thoughts on that. So I decided to propose in-home after she got off work on our 1 year and 5 month anniversary. I set up a lot of pictures hanging in the kitchen, and a pathway of stations with trinkets and memorabilia from our vacations that we have gone on since dating. The places we had been were Gaitlinburg, New York City, West Palm Beach, and Nashville. I also included a lot of Indianapolis items as we have been to several Pacers and Colts games. The first gift I ever got Wendy was a blue pillow which I had set up first, along with a book she got us during our year anniversary “The Book of Us”(which has questions a couple can answer about all things their relationship).

I had a photographer come by to take photos of the event, because I wanted it to be special, but also something we could re-live by seeing the pictures of the event. She came over around 4:30, because I figured Wendy would work an hour of OT and be home by 5:15. Wendy ended up working 2.5 hours of OT and didn’t come home until 6:30, so I got to talk to Kristeen for a while, and she got a bunch of pictures before Wendy arrived. Wendy came home and actually went down the driveway to attempt to call for a stray dog first, and then came into the house. She came in, walked thru all the stations, and upstairs in our bedroom I proposed, she said ‘Yes’!

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Afterwards Wendy was mostly in shock, because it was unexpected, we took some more pictures, including some with our dog Presley. It was a proposal that Wendy has been excited to share with her friends and co-workers ever since, and our families have really enjoyed seeing the pictures that go along with the story.

Photos by Kristeen Marie Photography