Wendy and Aaron

Image 5 of Wendy and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I met in steamboat hot springs. We were both there with our respective group of friends and felt an instant connection. However, since neither of us had our phones, we planned on meeting up at a bar crawl. Of course, my girlfriends and I were always one bar behind Aaron and his friends and I thought our love story was cut short. Luckily the next day we crossed paths at the bottom of the slopes, exchanged numbers, and danced the night away. It was love right away and I have had butterflies ever since!

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How They Asked

Aaron and I had limited time together before he went on a deployment for a year. I was so excited when he wanted to take a surprise trip for our last few days together and even more excited when I realized we were going to steamboat which was where we met! Aaron knows I love to hike so we started walking up to view fish creek falls. It was a beautiful day, but there was snow on the ground so I was throwing snowballs at Aaron. Then, turning around a corner, I noticed rose petals, followed by wooden blocks with nice messages that were personalized for us. It felt like slow motion as I read each block but then, at the top, he asked if I would marry him and I yelled “yes”! We totally embraced each other until he asked if I wanted to put the ring. Such a magical day!

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Special Thanks

Caroline Kaestner
 | Photographer