Wenddy and Pedro

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How We Met

My family had a house at this cozy country town named Gravatá, and every holiday we traveled there with my huge family and friends to celebrate and hang out together, so on Easter of 2011, it wasn’t different. We knew everyone who had a house in this condo and we were friends with all of them, but some families used to rent their houses for holidays, and since it wasn’t a big condo it was easy to notice which houses were rented… I and Pedro spotted each other the moment I set foot at the condo, and this time I knew I just had to be close to him, and it was reciprocal. The first chance we had to meet each other, we did. It was at the condo pool and he approached to chat with me, so we talked and talked and talked until late at night and we just loved each other company.

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Pedro was 17 years old and this was the only one time his family ever rented a house to spend any holiday until this very day! The next day, the city was throwing a traditional party downtown and we agreed to meet each other at this specific site to spend the party together. But I was only 15 years old back then and wasn’t allowed to go to parties alone with friends, and so my mom went there with us, but she didn’t know about him!

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Me and Pedro were able to find each other at the site and time we agreed, and when we saw each other, he came and kissed me right away! That was the first time my mom ever saw me kiss a guy hahaha he didn’t see her standing there hahaha.
After hanging out some time at the party, we went separated ways (he was with his friends and I was with my girls and mom hahaha) and we agreed to meet afterward at the condo. When we met again (and this time, alone), we spent the whole night talking and kissing near the pool and we just didn’t want to go to sleep or be apart.

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When the holiday was over, our families went separated ways. He was never into social media and I could only know some stuff about what was going on with his life through his traveling bud… A few months later, he started dating another girl and I also moved on with my life, we totally lost contact and spent 6 whole years without ever exchanging a word.

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I remember catching myself thinking “what if this was one of those stories of two people that meet each other and fall in love, but go separated ways and meet and marry after years apart?”, but I also remember trying not to think too much about it…

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In May 2017 I was getting over a very hard relationship break up that happened a few months before when I saw Pedro’s message on Facebook. At this time, I was one year before my undergrad graduation and I was already interning where I wanted to study my Ph.D. afterward, in São Paulo. As a coincidence, that’s where Pedro was living when he texted me.

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We reconnected and we talked every day for months before seeing each other. When I finally could go again to São Paulo, we met each other at a bookstore and he kissed me exactly the way I remember from 6 years ago, it was perfect. We talked and bonded and all those stuck feelings relived, and we couldn’t let the other go again, and this time we didn’t.

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We went out together 3, maybe 4 times, and the more we did, the more we wanted to be together. A few weeks later, right after I returned to my home city, he asked me to be his girlfriend. We long-distance dated for a whole year, and we spent a weekend together in every 3 or 4 months until I graduated and moved to São Paulo for my Ph.D.

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Since then, we are always together, he became my safe harbor, my best friend and my number 1 fan as I am his. We do everything together and we are there for each other for everything.

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How They Asked

Ever since I started my Ph.D. in São Paulo, I was traveling to Recife, my hometown, twice a year until the Pandemic started. Pedro started to the home office but even during quarantine I still needed to continue my research at the lab. Working twice as much and not being able to ever go out or visit our families, we both started to feel really anxious and distracted. So Pedro insisted on going to Recife for a week or two near family. So when the COVID infection ratio situation improved a little bit, we bought tickets to Recife.

We spent a weekend with my family in Gravatá for my mother’s birthday and I noticed Pedro was being a little weird whenever I approached him while he was using the cellphone, but I didn’t give it too much thought because it was probably my imagination or coincidence. The next Monday after this trip to the country town where we first met, he asked me to have dinner just the two of us at a regional restaurant near my mom’s house. I loved the idea and was really looking forward to it.

Pedro had it all planned: when we were on the trip he chose a few pairs of rings (here in Brazil the marriage proposal is usually made with a pair of rings) and that’s why he was acting a little weird about the phone. He went to the mall tho buy them at his lunch break. He also communicated my parents and sister before proposing, because once I told him I’d like them to know before it happened… and he remembered everything!

When he came to get me, I noticed he was sweating a little and acting a little nervous, but I thought it was the weather change from São Paulo where it was cold winter, to the sunny and always hot Recife. Anyway, we got to the restaurant, seated next to each other (we never liked sitting in front of each other), and ordered drinks. He was so nervous he couldn’t choose what drink he’d like and just ordered the same I was having.

I asked if everything was alright and he kissed me saying everything was great. But, boy, he was nervous! When our drinks arrived, he toasted “To my fiancée”, so I said, “To your FUTURE fiancée”. At this moment, he smiled feeling pretty smart (because he was expecting this exact answer to his toast) and so he took the rings out of his pocket popping the “Will you marry me?”

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Well, I dreamed about this day ever since I was a kid, and with him since 2011… I imagined a million different ways it could happen and how I’d react to this question… but when it happened I just couldn’t believe, or react!

I just opened this very big cheek-cramps-smile and asked “marry? M A R R Y? Like, marry, really really marry??” And he started laughing answering “Yeah, really marry as in MARRIED”.

So I said Yes and we kissed and hugged, but it took me at about 15 minutes after this to realize that I was really PROPOSED by my crush from my teen ages that became the love of my life, and that’s when I started crying hahaha. I just keep reliving this moment and thinking how amazing it is that “two people can meet each other, fall in love and go separated ways… just to run into each other’s life after years apart, to marry”.

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