Wednesdae and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met during a time where I was newly single and enjoying my new found freedom. Andrew’s friends played in an adult softball league Sunday mornings, and I Bartended at a local family restaurant nearby their field. He and his friends would stop in, get some drinks and lunch in after their games (and tip generously). We had spoken in passing as we both shared the love of sports, and it turned out we went to the same High School at different times (Go Lancers!), both of us transferred to a different school and although we knew of the same people, we never knew each other. Our conversations continued to be small and short; he was extremely quiet and I flocked to the comfort of my regulars. One Sunday, the bar was empty (or at least it felt empty) and he walked in with one other friend and ordered a beer.

Now, I don’t know if I was nervous or just missed the top of the bar, but I hit the bottom of the glass with the top of the bar and there it went, beer everywhere. It felt like the biggest beer I’ve ever poured and all the towels I had would no soak this spill up. He was fixated on me and my reaction that he had no idea his phone was in a pool of beer; I shouted to pick it up (let’s be honest, on a Bartender’s salary there was no way I was buying him a new phone) and all he said was “it’s just a phone.” Finally, after 5 years (or 5 minutes), the beer was cleaned and he had a new beer poured (of course I bought this one). From that moment on, his friends continued to come in and our conversations grew longer and beers were successfully transferred. A few weeks later he asked me out on our first date to Dodger Stadium, and the rest is history. We have grown so much over the past 5 years including welcoming our first born son one year later and preparing to welcome our second son in the next 3 months. We look forward to seeing where the journey of life takes us and what it has in store for our Family.

How They Asked

Andrew said he had large plans in the works in the coming months before the arrival of our second son, but things changed. We were on our way to a Sunday Funday at a Brewery that is near and dear to his heart. On the way over, he said we were going to be stopping at my sister’s house. This threw me off because I had asked my sister to come with us and she politely declined because she was preparing her house for an upcoming party. I asked why, and he said he has to talk to Corey, my sister’s boyfriend, about something. So naturally, I find it extremely odd and text my sister who also “has no idea” because she’s in the shower. We walk in and it feels very awkward, I excuse myself to fix my hair and come out to find my sister, our son, her boyfriend outside.

Andrew is sitting down on the couch and I asked him why we were here if they are busy. He grabs my hand, tells me he loves me, and the over the top plans he had don’t mean anything to him because all that matters is showing me how committed he is to myself and our family. He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him right there. There wasn’t a single soul to witness it, to record, or take pictures in true Andrew fashion and somehow it didn’t matter. The moment we had just us two was all I could ever have asked for. Our grand plans to celebrate are still in motion, as we’ll be heading to Palm Springs to celebrate our 5 year Anniversary and Engagement.