VIDEO: Wedding Singer Surprises Bandmate with Marriage Proposal during Fake Wedding

We met:
in 2008
(we were in other relationships)
(we felt kindred, but strictly
on a friendship level)

enter 2011:
we got
hired to sing
at the same venue &
we found ourselves single
(and somewhat a mess)

realized we had a lot in common:
same day of birth (2-22)
both singers/artists,
equally strange,
island folk
soaking in the beauty
of life through our skin.

we were sort of magnetic.
a lot magnetic.
but remained platonic
for one year,
untangling our messes,

learning to love ourselves first….

(after a year)D&G2

we held hands

and that was that.

enter romance:
life became a dreamy
mixture of

and real life sh*t-hitting-the-fan-ness.
put two artists in
one relationship
and you’re bound
to have some mishaps.
but we’ve learned each other,
learned to listen,
learned to love fiercely
even when we don’t feel like it,
learned to fight in a way
that keeps us both in tact.

we’ve traveled the globe
we’ve become the best of friends,
we’ve intertwined.

D&G4we’ve been through
our fair share of trials.
we’ve lost loved ones.
we’ve been hospitalized (twice.)
we’ve made mistakes.
we’ve walked through fire.
we’ve healed.

and still,

we’ve never met anyone
that understands us
(down to the bone)
like the other does.
we’ve never met anyone
who we’d rather spend life with.

which is the
“Why” He Asked.

This is the “How” He Asked:

(Now this is Genevieve speaking. Hi guys!)

Ok so, a little background info.

Dustin and I travel and perform together in a band called The A-Town A-List.

We’ve performed at everything from arenas filled with thousands of people to the most intimate of wedding receptions, from the mountains of Colorado, to coast of southern California, to the hustle and bustle of our hometown of Atlanta.

I received a logistics email for an intimate wedding reception at Foster in Atlanta, nothing was really out of the ordinary.

It turned out, however, that Dustin had been working for months to put together a FAKE WEDDING GIG. He wanted to stage an event and take me by complete surprise when what I thought was just another gig turned out to be a proposal/engagement party with all of our loved ones.

He had our entire band in on the plan.
They had me completely convinced that this was just another wedding reception. I had no idea what was in store.

Little did I know…
he rented out a venue,
created a private Facebook event that included our friends and family,
worked tirelessly for months with my best friend, Tiffany
and a wonderful event planner, Kristi,
along with the help and guidance of my Pinterest,
to customize a beautiful event completely tailored to me.

We showed up at the venue, sound checked, we even ran through what I thought was the “Mother-Son” dance song ( I was kind of nervous about getting the lyrics right.)

It was all a ruse.

We started playing music at the appointed time, and the “guests” were supposed to be filing in once we started playing.


One by one, guests filed in.
As we were singing, I thought,
“hmm… I know that guy. Wait there’s our friends from Athens…I guess they know the bride and groom…wait what are my roommates doing at this wedding…”

Despite my confusion, I kept performing while even more people I knew came through the door. It still hadn’t hit me until I saw my entire family walk in.

I completely stopped performing at this point.
It hit me…
THIS IS HOW HE IS GOING TO PROPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I proceeded to absolutely loose my mind.
(See video for details, including my “ugly cry.”)


Here’s that video…

It was truly the best night of my life.

And the best part of my life is that I get to share it with this unicorn of a man:

“I’m crazy and you are a little crazy too,

We need to find room in this life to be crazy together.

To be understood,
but not figured out

To be encouraged to be better,
to be inspired to refine and improve,
but not put in a box.

To be studied and appreciated,
but not defined.

I feel like we are two souls that can love each other in a way that allows growth for both of us,
Where we can appreciate and give room for our particular brand of crazy,
And our particular brand of mad love.”
-Dustin Ahkuoi