Wedding Proposal Photo Shoot

There are two great parts about this wedding proposal photo shoot. The first is how beautiful the photography is and the second is how absolutely adorable Brittanie and Nathan are. We’re all-around obsessed with how cute these proposal photos are – make sure to pin your favorite!


How We Met: Nathan and I met in journalism class. I had a crush on him for a while and he says the moment I walked into the class he wanted to meet me. We had two classes back to back with one another. He spent many weeks trying to muster up the courage to come talk to me, while I tried to finds ways to talk to him. After three long weeks he finally found the courage and came and sat at a table with me as I waited for our second class to begin. We made small talk and at first I thought he seemed uninterested but when we walked into class he took this as his opportunity to come and sit by me. The next time we had class it was canceled so we spent the next few hours talking. The next class he asked me for my number and the next class he asked me on a date. We spent the next few weeks taking long drives, chasing the moon, and adventuring together. It was the best. On one particular night on a late night Whataburger date we spent hours talking and finally, at 3 o’clock in the morning, he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been inseparable since.

How He Proposed: My sister and good college friend Megan had been planning a styled shoot with Jenn for a while. They asked Nathan and I to be their couple. Nathan approached Jenn a few weeks before the shoot and told her that he wanted to use this as his opportunity to propose. They began scheming and planning without my knowing. During the photo shoot we had three different set ups that they wanted to use, the last one was a homemade tent. It was perfect and kind of a dream of mine, especially with Nathan in suspenders. My sister and Megan had set up a dreamy little spot which included a vintage cooler and some vintage books. Towards the end of the shoot Jenn asked us to trade out a book that we had been using as a prop, Nathan handed me the book and as I went to open it it flipped right to a beautiful ring set inside the book. Nathan sat up, said some beautiful words, and asked me to be his wife. It was perfect and beautiful.