Wayne and Therese

How They Asked

After a challenging hunt and long closing, our realtor alerted Wayne that the house we selected was finally in his name. Both of us were very, very eager to start moving in, so he picked me up after work and we drove out the property. The sun was shining, a golden afternoon glow settling across the Snohomish countryside.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On the front porch of our new house.

While he was fiddling with the key box, I took a few pictures of the outside; I wished to capture this milestone in our lives. He beckoned me over, and as I prepared to take more photos, he dropped down to both knees, held up the shiny brass key with both hands and asked, “Will you move in with me?”

Wayne's Proposal in On the front porch of our new house.

I rolled my eyes and thought out loud, “Oh you dork…” before gesturing for him to get up. But he remained firmly there, a cheeky grin upon his face. With a light sigh, I grabbed the keys– and he unfolded his hands. A small, sheer blue bag rested on his palms, a circular silhouette peeking through.

“Will you also marry me?” he then asked.