Wayne and Lauren

How We Met

Wayne and I both moved to New York, NY right after we graduated from college in May 2012, I went to Penn State University and he went to West Virginia University.  My first job ever in the big city was a cold-calling nightmare, but I met some of my best friends through the company.  One friend in particular, Brenton, had introduced me to his buddy, Wayne Hudson, who he was roommates with at WVU.  We would all meet, almost daily after work at a happy hour spot called ‘Local West.’  Some time had passed and Wayne and I were just friends who would drink together at happy hour, until one memorable holiday weekend, Labor Day Weekend, he invited me and my good friend, Rachel, to his beach house in Long Beach, Long Island.  From then on, Wayne and I were inseparable, and the rest is history.  We now live together in Harlem, have our very best friends with us in the city, and have traveled all over the world together!

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Wayne and I had a week long ‘road trip’ vacation in California, hitting San Francisco, Napa Valley, driving down the coast and seeing Big Sur, Venice Beach, Malibu and ending in Downtown Los Angeles.  I have a fashion and lifestyle blog, cremedelauren.com, and I was told that our friend and videographer, Khan, wanted to do a shoot for my blog while we were in LA. My birthday is April 19, and Wayne had a work dinner planned (we were in CA originally for Wayne’s work conference and extended the trip), so he wanted to celebrate at our favorite restaurant, NOBU Malibu, the night before. The evening prior to the ‘big day,’ Wayne was acting sort of strange because there was a 60% chance of rain in Malibu the next day.  I couldn’t understand why it was such a big deal, and suggested we just do the shoot another day.  Luckily, the weather turned out to be perfect, 70 degrees and sunny! Wayne and Khan had planned to do the ‘blog shoot’ in Point Dume, Malibu and from there we would go to NOBU for my birthday dinner.

Little did I know, this blog shoot would turn out to be the greatest shot of my life!!!!! Khan was directing me to do some scenes walking toward the water and to slowly turn around and walk back.  As I am slowly turning around, I’m walking toward the camera and Wayne started walking into the shot! I was so confused what he was doing! Wayne got on his knee and asked me the question I’ve been waiting four and a half years to hear, ‘Will you marry me?’ It was such a surreal moment, in such a beautiful location, and then got to celebrate at our favorite restaurant!

How could it get any better?!  I couldn’t be more grateful to have such a beautiful, special moment captured on film!

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