Watch This Mom Face-Plant During her Daughter's Proposal

Every proposal is different, and oftentimes family members are included to assist with the proposal or provide a distraction from the big event. The intention is for the family to be involved, not to overshadow the event.

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That wasn’t the case for this mom. The Clark family was on the beach to be a distraction for daughter Breanne. so that her boyfriend, Bill, could propose. The plan was to take a family picture. Bill would get down on one knee as the family lined up to take the picture. What no one saw coming was the ultimate distraction.

Breanne’s mom fell face-first in the sand turning all the attention on her. It’s safe to say she definitely created a distraction because when Breanne turned around to see Bill’s reaction to the fall,  he was down on one knee, ready to propose.

Mom continued to lay in the sand though, missing the proposal, prompting Breane’s sister behind the camera to shout,  “Mom, look up at your daughter right now!”

It created quite the distraction but Dad was the voice of reason, bringing the attention back to the engaged-couple-to-be, saying “This is why we’re here!” Thanks Dad. We just hope Mom is okay.

Photo and Video credit: Bridgett Clark