Watch This Guy Propose to his Girlfriend for 148 Days Straight

How We Met

I met Ray around two years ago. Our sons became best friends in their first year at school and we met in the playground during school run time. It was actually my mum who met Ray first and she told me how good looking my sons friends dad was. It was a while before we started to become friends and then eventually more, but definitely worth the wait.

how they asked

Ray being the creative, innovative and unique person that he is had to propose in a way unlike anyone had attempted before, by secretly proposing to me 148 different ways, over 148 days. Ray proposed to me every day from 31st July to Christmas Day In photographs of us together, our children and even my family, friends and colleagues. Ray had asked a while after I became pregnant with our son if he could document the pregnancy to show to him once he was born and I thought this was such a thoughtful idea. Unbeknownst to me, Ray was actually sneaking a ‘will you marry me sign’ into the pictures and proposing to me everyday too.

The photographs were taken during lots of family trips, to the park, the woods, Sherwood Forest and even with the giraffes at Yorkshire wildlife park. Our sons held signs, my mum and dad and many of my closest friends. Even a few of our Lego men, Santa and our gangster teddy bear got in on the action. So everyone but me knew about the plan and everyone was happy to share in the experience.

Many people since viewing the video have asked how I could not have seen the pictures, contrary to popular opinion I am not really that thick, Ray actually took several pictures using his front phone camera and I saw versions of the same photograph with the sign omitted. Afterward Ray explained that I had almost caught him out once too. One of the pictures taken was of the two of us holding our babies scan picture and whilst the picture was being taken Ray dropped the ‘will you marry me’ card on the floor and I heard a sound. Before I could look however, Ray had covered it with his foot and blamed the wind blowing on the cat flap. As the video shows Ray became braver and bolder as time progressed and even proposed on our TV screen whilst I posed with my massive baby bump for another photograph for our son. Posing for photographs did become tedious after a while, and I think you can tell this from some of my later facial expressions. As I complained about constant picture taking to friends and colleagues I am sure there were plenty of giggles after I left the room as everyone knew the real rationale behind Ray’s growing photography obsession but me.

Eventually on Christmas Day, just after our boys had finished opening their present and were busy playing with their new toys, Ray called me into the kitchen for a cup of tea. Sat on the kitchen counter was our laptop and Ray then pressed play on the video montage of the 148 pictures that he had taken so I could finally see the proposal that he had spent so long planning and preparing. So, in reality Ray proposed to a very pregnant girl in her pjs, make up free in the kitchen of our home… But did so in the most perfect way. As the video came to a close, Ray moved onto one knee and pulled a ring box in the shape of a rose from our kitchen drawer and said the words ‘marry me’ for the very last time…. Obviously I said yes!!

Image 1 of Claire and Ray

The video attached is the actual video that Ray used to propose to me on Christmas Day. Many people have asked why my reaction isn’t included, but the video was never intentionally me at for public viewing and as such the reaction and my saying yes will forever be an experience that only myself, Ray and our children will have undertaken.

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