Warren and Alana

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How We Met

I met Warren for the first time in 2013 while I was on holiday back home in Goa. It turned out that we had a common friend and it was at her home that we met by chance one evening.He was funny and polite and we clicked instantly. Over my time spent there, we would constantly meet up due to being in a common friend circle and we became good friends. When I returned to Australia we kept in touch most days and talked for hours on end about anything and everything.

The following year I went back to Goa for a longer period of time and it was during this trip that we connected a lot and realised we had developed strong feelings for each other. We had no idea where things would lead as we both lived on opposite sides of the world and were pretty settled in our respective careers at the time. We talked about the possibility of him coming to Australia but I didn’t really think much of it as it was a really long shot. I returned back to Australia and for the next 8 months, we had a long-distance relationship during which we realised we wanted nothing more than just to be together in the same time zone. Warren then applied for a visa (which in itself was a long never-ending process) to do a building and construction course- the following year this was granted and he made his way across the world to be with me.7 years later- here we are!

How They Asked

Warren had mentioned to me the week prior that he was taking me somewhere on this Sunday as the weekend before had been my birthday and due to the rain and bad weather we weren’t able to plan much. He had mentioned a while back something relating to a couple’s day spa so in my head, I was thinking of a day of relaxation and massages but boy was I wrong.

During the week while we were shopping he spotted a dress he liked and said “ why don’t you try this I really like that colour” so I did and he said he loved it and so I got it and dint think much of it till he said he needed a new shirt and he picked one a few shades darker than my dress and said “ Oh look we could match” At this point, I honestly thought he’d hit his head on the wall and even asked if he was feeling okay. On the day Warren woke me up very early and said “cmon get ready and let’s go”- In my head, I was still thinking day spa and asked why on earth we have to “get ready” to go for a massage. He didn’t answer and kept saying “humour me” so I did.

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On the way, I kept asking where we were going and he wouldn’t say – I finally noticed we had driven towards the beach and asked why we had stopped at a dog beach car park when we didn’t have a dog nor were we dressed for the beach- he then said “ I think I’m in the wrong place” and I said “Clearly “ I honestly thought he was losing his marbles at this point. He then drove further and said “I want to go for a walk on the beach,” I said okay even though I was thoroughly confused why we were dressed for a random walk on a beach and as we were walking down the beach warren was trying to distract me with random conversation and suddenly I saw the setup and turned to warren and said “Oh look at how pretty that picnic is” and he turned me towards that picnic and said “that’s for you” and then I noticed there was a photographer there capturing it all while warren went down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. It was the easiest “Yes” I’ve ever said.

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