Wanzhen and Sean

We were on a holiday in New York. It was a packed day full of planned activities to Brooklyn bridge by ferry, followed by ferry ride to Staten Island etc We started off the day with a chilly morning walk to ferry terminal, with short runs in between as we were running late. He had wanted to go to the carousel below Brooklyn bridge and said we needed to catch that ferry ride. And we did managed to board that ferry and got to our destination! *hurrays! Started snapping selfies below the bridge..but he decided to approached a Caucasian lady, who I have noticed was on board with us on the ferry, wearing a very pretty black shiny coat, carrying a Dslr camera, and appears to be traveling on her own. So this lady took the pic for us but wanted to take a photo of us on her Dslr too. We gladly obliged and next she took out an iPad and passed it to me. Next thing I know,music and video started playing, and I saw pictures of Dear and I. Next, was the lovely proposal :) I cried. Of course I would :)

So turned out, this was staged by Dear and Ash, the professional video photographer engaged by Sean to secretly follow us and take pictures of us especially for the proposal process. I was touched beyond words, by the preparatory work he has done for the past month for this proposal. I love the ring. It was a personalized ring, with a specially designed heart at the bridge of the ring. Thank you, my love, for giving me this memorable proposal that I will fondly remember for the rest of my life.